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Nov 26, 18

Grants Pass, OR: Graffiti in Solidarity with Migrants and Asylum Seekers

The following action report and photos was anonymously sent to It’s Going Down.

It reads:

Several walls were graffitied in Grants Pass in solidarity with all the migrants and asylum seekers currently at the so-called “US-Mexico” border, as well as all migrants who have risked their lives to cross the border into this neofascist country. ICE and Border Patrol have always been, and will always be, our enemy. This country is our enemy. To all the migrants and asylum seekers, your strength is stronger than their guns!

Towards a world with no borders!

Towards the complete annihilation of all fascists!

-some anarchists


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This submission came to It's Going Down anonymously through IGD is not the author nor are we responsible for the post content.

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