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December 3

Greetings, Orlando

From Orlando Antifa

As a new organization in the area, we felt the need to introduce ourselves to the community.

Orlando, this group should not have to exist. Orlando should have no need for an antifa group.

And yet here we are.

With the rise in white supremacist rhetoric and propaganda appearing in and around the Orlando area (we’re looking at you UCF) we find ourselves needing to take action. Structural racism has never gone away and we will not stand for it, but the blatant and open actions of the group calling themselves American Vanguard, as well as the implicit racism in the Trump regime call for a new approach. Merely condemning these actions in a facebook post or an email is not enough. These types of actions do not deter the behavior. They are, at best, a scream into a vacuum. Any thinking, well adjusted human of course denounces racism. But when you are faced with the ugly head of hate and oppression, telling it to “go away” is an exercise in futility. This is when we enter the fray. We will look that rearing head of hate in the eyes and beat it to the ground where it can lay in a bloody heap.

We will confront all types of oppression in every form it takes. But this is where you, the good people of Orlando, need to help us. We cannot be everywhere and we don’t know where all the nazi fascist scum are hiding. We need you to alert us to their presence. Tell us where you see posters, flyers, symbols, or acts that promote hate and oppression. Contact us at [email protected] or tweet at us @OrlandoAntifa. We will respond; both to your communication and in counter-action. Seriously, “if you see something, say something.”

We are a diverse group. We come from various backgrounds and have varying political beliefs. But we are united in our opposition to fascism and racism. As this site will show, we are a de-centered, cooperative group with multiple writers. Look for us to post pieces that speak to our action and tell of our views on local and national events.

We really do not like that we have to exist. But as long as there is hate, there will be AntiFa. We have chosen our side. Now you need to choose yours.

So we will be seeing you, Orlando. Hopefully it is under amicable circumstances.


Orlando Antifa

[email protected] or @OrlandoAntifa

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