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Mar 6, 17

Into The Heart of The Beast: Confronting ‘March 4 Trump’ at Trump Tower

On March 4th, 2017 dozens of Trump supporters convened outside of Trump tower in NYC to celebrate the rise of fascism but they weren’t allowed to do so without resistance. One other comrade and I from New Jersey answered the call to confront the fascists in the heart of the beast itself. As we approached the grotesque monstrosity to capitalism that is Trump Tower we were greeted by a small liberal group also counter-protesting across the street. They were actually rather glad we had arrived and thoroughly enjoyed our sign mocking Nazis and our red and black flag, and generally did not interfere with us.

However, when the pro-fascists Trumpers saw our flags, signs, and masks they flew into a foam-mouthed rage. The fascists began to yell insults, make rude gestures, and my comrade was even threatened and had white power slogans yelled at them as they held an anti-Nazi sign. The fascists began to bark from across the busy street, “SHOW US YOUR FACE!” We didn’t personally react other than to trade more barbs across the street with them. Surprisingly, the liberals started to chant back at themm “SHOW US YOUR TAXES!” (as in Trump’s taxes) to drown them out.

After a few minutes of yelling out to the fascists that Trump or the government wasn’t going to save them and that they should seize the means of production for themselves, we were approached by a few Marxist-Leninists taking photos of the rally. They told us they were specifically looking for white supremacists, so my comrade and I were happy to point out the fascist from earlier who had threatened my comrade. When the fascist saw he was being photographed he quickly disappeared from the rally.

After the ML’s left, the Trump supporters were moved further down the street directly to the front of Trump Tower. The police then corralled the liberals across the street to the pen where the Trump supporters had been earlier, but my comrade and I refused to be penned in. Trump supporters continued to walk by and berate the liberals while the liberals remained silent. However, we did not remain silent and chose to respond to their fascist taunts with taunts of our own as the police stood by and gave us the evil eye.

At one point, a group of what was clearly alt-right trolls with Trump hats and Pepe pins started to yell fascist nonsense at the liberals. These were the guys who have a big mouth on the internet but no spine in real life, so we called them out for being fascist and cowards. One of them became quite agitated with us and said he had a problem with our masks. I told him to try and solve the problem and just as he was about to try the rest of his coward friends arrived and held him back and they insisted they were “peaceful” and “never throw the first punch.” We continued to trade barbs for a few more minutes and the cops arrived as the fascists became increasingly belligerent. At that point we departed as the rally had fizzled out.

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