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Oct 16, 17

Help an Internationalist Anti-Fascist Get Home

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After two trips and over 15 months in Rojava with my time spent between the YPG and TevDem. I am trying to return home to my native country and movement to continue on organizing with the political tools and lessons that the Rojava revolution has bestowed upon me.

But due to a previous political crisis, the recent referendum in Başur and the following closing of the airports I have been stuck here for over 2 months now. Last night (10/15/17) it seems that the first shots where fired in Kirkuk in what is shaping up to be another large scale war in Iraq which complicates the process of leaving even more.

I have obviously not been able to work for almost two years between time spent in Başur, Rojava and preparing for this trip. All previous travel has left me functionally penniless and I’m afraid I have nothing left to sell to fiance this effort in solidarity. While in Rojava I was in a cadre tabur so I was not paid at any point for my work.

I have learned of a way to get home but it is by myself prohibitively expensive. That is where hopefully you are able to come in and assist me. I need money to cover hotel for a hopefully only a few nights, visa, flight and food.

I have set the stated goal a little over my projected costs as cushion for something going wrong (which in my line of work and this region the chances of are not high but are considerable). What ever money I do not spend will be directly funneled back into Kurdish solidarity or other antifascist efforts.

As a militant antifascist and revolutionary organizer asking for money on the internet is obviously a tricky predicament. I am not daft enough to think I can hide my actions (which are completely legal) from my government. But being from a country with a growing violent fascist movement I would not like them to know of my travels. This is why I have chosen to remain as anonymous as possible.

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