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Oct 16, 18

Help Needed for Arrested Black Mesa Supporter

On Sunday, October 7th, a supporter heading back to Black Mesa was arrested in Utah and is being held at an immigration detention center in Logan, Utah pending a hearing from a judge to grant his release. Abraham is in need of support in many forms, including money and solidarity. Please, take a look at the fundraiser page for a deeper understanding of the situation.

See the fundraiser here:

On Sunday the 7th of October our brother Abraham Hernandez was detained and arrested in Millard County, Utah where he was kept on an Immigration hold. From there he was transferred to a detention center in Logan, Utah where he waits to see a judge that may grant him release.

From the fundraiser:

“Abraham is not only our loving brother but also a compassionate, valued and vital part of our community. As a water protector and land defender, he is constantly looking for ways to lend his many skills to the local community to help build the autonomous world we all want to see. His dedication to environmental justice and indigenous sovereignty has also made him a crucial asset to the support and resistance in the Black Mesa/Big Mountain community. From sheep herding, hauling water/wood, to fire keeping and fixing hogans, Abraham is known by fellow organizers to always be there and always be ready to support.

“Abraham was arrested while on his way back to camp where he frequently spends months at time dedicated to land defense and to the protection of sacred water and indigenous ways of life. We ask that you may support our community effort to gather resources to guarantee the safety and intentional protection of Abraham.  Please donate to this fundraiser and share with your networks so that our family may continue to navigate this violent immigration system and Abraham may be able to return to the people that love him and need him.”

We, as a community that spans beyond the people we are near, have the chance to support Abraham who has been caught in this disgusting intersection of racism, colonization and immigration enforcement. Please, go to the fundraiser and pitch if you can. If you can’t contribute money, that’s ok, and maybe you can share the link with others who may be able to.


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