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March 7

“Just Kill the N****** TBH”: Identity Evropa Activist Fired from Modesto Architect Firm

The following report on a successful call-in campaign against a member of Identity Evropa was anonymously submitted to It’s Going Down.

Anti-racists and antifascists in the Northern Central Valley area of California are happy to report that after a successful online and call-in campaign to a Modesto architect firm, Red Inc, we can confirm that Heather Collins, a resident of Oakdale, CA, has been fired from her job.

Heather Collins was outed by the online journalist Emily Gorcenski, who herself found out about Heather from the so-called Vibrant Diversity Discord chat-logs, made public by Unicorn Riot. In the chat rooms, Collins, under the name “queenarchitect,” a reference to her work, discussed being a member of Identity Evropa and attending several rallies in Charlottesville, VA as well as her career in Modesto at Red Inc. Collins also makes numerous verbal racial attacks on the people of the Central Valley, even going so far as to state that she believes that black people should be murdered. In one statement she wrote, “Just kill the n*****s tbh fam.”

Over the past two years, Identity Evropa stickers and posters have appeared in the Downtown of Modesto, and we strongly suspect that Collins may have been the one behind putting them up, being that her former work was located in the same area. These pieces of trash have all been quickly taken down by a variety of people.

After news of Collins hit the internet and local antifascists began an online and call-in campaign, her work quickly removed her photo from their website, but refused to issue a statement. The firm, Red Inc., has helped design various schools and hospitals in the local area. We think that people in the same cities and towns as Heather deserve to know that a neo-Nazi is right under their nose.

Since it came out that Nathan Damigo, the former leader of Identity Evropa, who is still very much involved in the group, lives in the general area, people in the Central Valley have been taking action. Just in the last couple of weeks, there have been numerous demonstrations at the local college against Identity Evropa flyers going up. Comments left by those like Heather Collins show just why we should mobilize to oppose these people. They aren’t here to make anyone lives better; they are here to kill, dominate, and destroy.

We will drive you the fuck out of our lives.

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This submission came to It's Going Down anonymously through itsgoingdown.org/contribute. IGD is not the author nor are we responsible for the post content.

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