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Jun 4, 21

Indigenous Otomíes Reject the Elections and Demand Freedom for Political Prisoners With an Action in Mexico City

Report on action in Mexico City in solidarity with political prisoners. Originally posted to Noticias de Abajo ML.

On Thursday June 3, the Indigenous Otomí community in rebellion and resistance in Mexico City carried out an action on Coyoacan Avenue in front of the offices of the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples—a building the Indigenous Otomíes have occupied since October 2020. The activity was meant to demand freedom for political prisoners in Mexico, and an end to the repression against Normalista students in the country, which has been brutal in recent weeks. With the burning of election propaganda of the different political parties, and an enormous banner reading, OUR DREAMS DON’T FIT IN YOUR BALLOT BOXES, the Otomí community in rebellion and resistance made it clear that they reject the electoral system and its political parties, which don’t offer any real alternatives to the problems faced by the people of below in Mexico.

In a brief action, they chanted slogans where they celebrated the Zapatistas, Samir Flores, water defenders, and other struggles and figures of resistance. They also announced an invitation to the Gathering of Rebellions on June 9 at the occupation, where Marichuy along with the Zapatista Army of National Liberation will participate.

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