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Sep 27, 16

Interview with Prisoner on South Carolina Rebellion at Turbeville

Originally posted to It’s Going Down

Yesterday, in the aftermath of a prisoner being killed in the South Carolina prison or McCormick on Sunday, a rebellion took place at Turbeville, CI prison. According to an online account on twitter, the revolt quickly spread and had to be put down by a large amount of guards. Wanting to know more about the rebellion and how it feeds into the unfolding prison strike happening across the US, we put some questions out to our friend inside.

IGD: What facility erupted tonight?

It erupted at Turbeville C.I. in SC. Tough guard got mad because prisoners didn’t obey a command.

IGD: Why did things pop off? What happened?

When the guard reached for their mace, they were surrounded and beat up.

IGD: How did the guards react?

When the other guards arrived like they were going to jump on the prisoners, everyone stood up and ran them out of dorm.

IGD: How does this fit into everything else already happened in the facility around the prison strike etc?

The strike news got us holding some long overdue conversations. The spirit of Attica is in the air.

IGD: How can people support you?

Help us by standing up for us in places we can’t go! I’m here for the people, the most oppressed…all the prisoners that feel as I do.

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