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Sep 24, 18

Kent State: Kaitlin Bennett Claims Police Helping to Coordinate Rally to be Attended by Violent White Nationalists

Online statements show “open carry” activist Kaitlin Bennett is gearing up to march around Kent State in Ohio with the help of the white nationalist group the American Guard while coordinating with the campus police.

Since we last checked in, a number of events of significance have occurred, which require the composing of a full update.

On Saturday morning it seemed as if Kaitlin Bennett knew that the event had been exposed for what it was, and had canceled the event entirely. Rather than attempting to facilitate a gathering of armed fascists, under the guise of a gun rights rally, and have them parade around the campus of Kent State intimidating students, she was going to be canceling the event entirely to preserve what she calls “the message”

But, almost immediately, in the comments section potential participants began to suggest that she try to still have the event, but in secret, while maintaining the idea publicly that the event was canceled. This turned into Kaitlin Bennett admitting that this was the plan all along, and that she was working with the Kent State University Police to make this happen.

We cannot emphasize this enough. What she was admitting to is that she was working with the Kent State University Police to facilitate an unpermitted gathering which would include openly fascist and racist organizations parading around a college campus openly brandishing firearms. The University Police are now complicit in facilitating the open intimidation of the students of the campus.

Now, we know that the police have a long and ugly history of collaborating with fascist and racist organizations, a dynamic which literally forms the root of American policing. But, even with this said, the actions of the University Police are egregious; over the line even for the police, from whom we have come to expect behavior like this.

On the same day we also found posts suggesting that Kaitlin Bennett was not only willing to accept the presence of the American Guard, and celebrate their attendance, but that she was actively coordinating their participation.

Once again, the veneer of the event, which attempted to portray itself as a normal, run of the mill, gun rights rally, has been shown for what it is. With this evidence, which is incontrovertible, of Kaitlin Bennett openly coordinating with a dangerous, armed white nationalist organization it is even more clear what this event was all along; an attempt to intimidate the student body of Kent State and create the conditions for far-Right organizing in Northern Ohio

We will not allow for fascists to organize in Northern Ohio.

Show up on September 29th at Risman Plaza on the campus of Kent State University from 1-5 PM to defend our community from the scourge of fascist intimidation.

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