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Oct 15, 19

Los Angeles, CA: Report Back from Defend Rojava Rally

Report back from Rojava solidarity rally in Los Angeles, California.

Antifascists and anarchists from around Southern California converged on Sunday October 13th in front of the Turkish Consulate in Los Angeles to stand in solidarity with the people of Rojava. “Biji Rojava” (long live Rojava), “Defend Rojava,” “Shame on Trump,” “Shame on Turkey”; were chanted while members of the community spoke about the genocidal actions of Turkey’s government towards the Kurds and the diverse community of the people of Rojava.

The wife of a volunteer fighter, who was killed in Rojava, was greeted with shouts of praise honoring her, her husband, and their family’s sacrifice while she expressed her gratitude for the people of Rojava and the support she and her family has been given in their time of loss and grief. She talked about how the Rojavan community has taken in her family and how she feels she is now a part of them through the love she and her family have been shown. It was moving to hear her speak.

The Rally ended with some youth setting a Turkish flag on fire. The people’s message is clear: the continued atrocities perpetuated by the fascist Turkish government will not go unanswered and the people of Rojava will never give up fighting! Resistance against Erdoğan and his fascist regime is a growing global movement that cannot be stopped!


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