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Apr 19, 20

May Day 2020: Autonomous, Decentralized, Everywhere!

Call for autonomous and decentralized May Day actions on May 1st in the so-called Seattle area.

Two months ago we put out a call for an autonomous, decentralized May Day, speaking in particular to comrades on Occupied-Duwamish Territory (Seattle):

“This May Day we invite organizations, crews, and individuals to take the initiative and plan actions reflecting our diverse and interconnected struggles”

A lot has happened since then. While individual suggestions for actions may need adaptation, the substance of the call feels all the more relevant.

Autonomy relies on us (that means you reading this!) making decisions and taking necessary action with those around us, rather than waiting for some higher permission.

Millions of us will not pay rent on May 1. Whether you “can” or not, talk to your roommates, your neighbors. Research your landlords. Plan actions, or prepare for retaliation against others. #RentStrike2020

Are you homeless and witnessing the system’s “support” collapse? You already knew you had to rely on yourself and your friends to survive. Talk to the people around you and see if there’s a need you can fill for each other on that day. Housed up? Support your neighbors who aren’t. Plan Friday the 1st to finally get rolling with that free food or gear distribution you, and perhaps some friends, were contemplating. Or help people you’ve spoken with open squats and defend them.

Still working? Deserve more? Your coworkers probably feel the same! Circulate a petition for what YOU think you deserve, and deliver it that day. Or take more militant actions you may already be ready for in joining #GeneralStrike2020. Part of a union that’s dragging its feet? As seen in Wildcat Strikes by #RedforEd Teachers and #COLAstrike Grad Students just before this crisis, union bureaucracies will play catch up when people take initiative.

Incarcerated, know someone who is, or simply see the urgency of prison abolition heightened by #covid19? Days after prisoners rioted in Monroe, Gov. Jay Inslee released 1,000 people who were incarcerated. Supporters have held car demos at his house and several prisons since then.  Wherever you are, you don’t have to wait until May Day, but keep it in mind as you build.

Strike directly, expropriate directly, in whatever way you can against this fascist, capitalist system itching to wring every drop of profit and power it can out of this crisis. Keep away from the state, the capitalist media, the police. In times like these, we have all seen clearly how little they care for us. Find ways to build personal connection, community, and direct care, while minding both the health and the material needs of each other.

We encourage you to amplify this call, and to put out your own #MayDay2020 calls that make sense for your community.

Get in contact at maydaysea [a t] protonmail [d o t] com, or for less secure communications message @MayDaySea2020 on Twitter. Follow the hashtags #MayDay #MayDay2020.

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