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Sep 22, 21

Michael Kimble Transferred to Donaldson Correctional Facility; Please Write!

Update on long-time anarchist prisoner Michael Kimble.

Longtime prison rebel and anarchist Michael Kimble was recently transferred from Easterling to Donaldson Correctional Facility, as punishment for an alleged conflict with correctional staff. Michael has been in prison in Alabama for over three decades, stemming from a murder charge in which he defended himself against a homophobic attack. In that time he was been an active voice for revolution and struggle behind bars, organizing countless educational initiatives for black self-education, as well as queer self-defense, and has written for numerous anarchist publications beyond the walls. He was also actively a part of the Free Alabama Movement and the push for the national prison strike in 2016.

The care, friendship, and self-sacrifice he has shown his fellow prisoners as well as friends on the outside has known no bounds. You can learn more about him and read some of his writings at

Those of us who have been involved in his day to day support, as well as his legal campaign, are encouraging folks to write him at his new address:

Michael Kimble 00138017
100 Warrior Lane
Bessemer, AL 35023-7299

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