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On January 20th, Donald Trump will become the President of the United States. His immigration policies, his proposed Muslim registry, his nuclear aspirations, his xenophobic fear mongering, and his continued commingling with and appointment of white nationalists threaten the lives of millions.

Those who recognize the toxicity of Trump’s language are starting to get worried while Muslims, people of color, women, and immigrants are already feeling the effects of Trump’s language in verbal and physical attacks.

Trump will rely on millions of individuals in cities across the country to fulfil his plans. It will become part of the everyday function of American cities, American police, American state bureaucracy, and complicit citizens to brand, deport, or imprison those perceived to be “outsiders.” This will soon be normal and lawful.

It’s time to get rowdy, y’all. Some have begun carrying safety pins or creating safe spaces for marginalized people in schools and churches to show support for those being threatened most. This is necessary, but we can’t stop there. We need a powerful and joyful resistance against what will soon become the status quo. We need to make the transition impossible.

We will meet the day before the inauguration (the 19th of January) to show our city that they can’t get away with it here. We will have music and fireworks and demonstrate the fierce disruptions that can be expected under a Trump presidency. This isn’t just a dance party. It is more important than ever that we find each other, talk, dance, and feel powerful.

Meet us on the 19th, so we can show the state that we will not be complicit, and that we will not be afraid! We have the capacity to disrupt Trump’s America, and in fucking style!

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