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May 25, 16

National Mobilization: Blockade and Shut Down White Supremacy in Sacramento

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On Sunday, June 26th, the Traditionalist Worker Party, the Golden State Skinheads, various white supremacist gangs, and Neo-Nazi groups across California and the US are holding an “Anti-Anti-Fascist” rally on the steps of the state capitol in Sacramento. They are rallying to specifically target anti-fascists who oppose them, and anyone that would stand up to racism and white supremacy.

Sacramento has a long and dark history of white supremacist groups operating in the area and carrying out acts of terror and arson against local synagogues and an abortion clinic in 1999, as well as NAACP offices in 1993.

More recently, Anti-Fascists in Sacramento have begun to organize in the wake of racist flyers being distributed in the Midtown Sacramento neighborhood that openly calls for genocide and support the Greek Neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, racist flyers being distributed on the UC Davis campus, KKK members threatening a woman with her child in Auburn, and against the continued presence of Neo-Nazi skinheads and other racist groups.

Terror, white supremacy, and genocide is what these groups have represented historically and it is what they represent now. In June, they are rallying in the heartland of California to protest anyone that opposes them.


Neo-Nazis will rally in Sacramento against Anti-Fascism. Sacramento has a long history of white power groups which have used violence, arson, and terror.

In response, organizations, faith based groups, networks of friends, labor unions, and anyone opposed to fascism, racism, and white supremacy is being called to shut down the rally and arrive at the capitol at 9 AM sharp. This is the biggest open and public white power rally on the West Coast in four years, since the Golden State Skinheads held a similar event only to be driven off the grounds by several hundred counter-demonstrators. Now in 2016, we must come together again at a time when the need to counter fascism and white supremacy has never been greater.


The far-Right is growing its numbers, and becoming increasingly violent and keen on taking the streets. 

In just the past year, white nationalists and Neo-Nazis have taken the streets in Olympia in support of the police shooting two young men of color. In North Carolina, the KKK and Neo-Nazis rallied in support of the Confederate flag in the wake of the Charleston massacre in South Carolina, a murderous act carried out by white nationalist Dylann Roof. In Minneapolis, racist members of far-Right militia groups shot at Black Lives Matter protesters outside of the #JusticeForJamar encampment, while in Seattle hundreds marched to drive the white power Hammerskins street gang off the streets.

Most recently, young people in Anaheim squared off against the KKK in a bloody battle that left several injured, as police arrested anti-fascists while letting the Klan quickly go. Days later, white power skinheads were seen rushing into public parks with weapons, threatening park goers and screaming, “Heil Hitler!” Currently in the US, white nationalists have murdered more people than any other political group, with the exception of the police. In mass shooting sprees at local places of worship to savage lone gunmen, the white power movement continues to pile up bodies and build towards a white only fascist apartheid state.


A white power activist sporting supremacist tattoos staffs a Trump office.

The campaign of billionaire Donald J. Trump and his promotion of misogyny, racism, xenophobia, and attacks on broad sections of the working-class and poor has helped to embolden the far-Right. White nationalists and Neo-Nazis have been made delegates for the Trump campaign in California, given positions at staffing offices, and have even made phones calls to voters in support of Trump. In turn, Trump has refused to disavow Neo-Nazis like David Duke and has even retweeted white supremacists images on his twitter account. Like the political campaigns of Barry Goldwater, George Wallace, and Patrick Buchanan before him, Trump is relying on the grassroots white supremacist movement to further his campaign. In a show of support for their new fuhrer, at many Trump rallies fascists have been violently active giving the fascist salute, screaming racial profanities, and attacking protesters.

One of the most well-known incidents is that of Traditionalist Worker Party leader, Matthew Heimbach. In online videos, Heimbach can be seen assaulting an African-American woman in the middle of a Kentucky Trump rally while screaming, “Leftist scum!” Only weeks before, Heimbach had been fired from his job as a child services office when his racist views became public.


Matthew Heimbach, leader of the Traditionalist Worker Party, after assaulting a Black Lives Matter protester at a Trump rally. 

Heimbach is part of a growing segment of the white nationalist movement known as the “Alternative Right” which wants to create an all-white ethnic-state in the US. The Traditionalist Worker Party is vehemently anti-Semitic, anti-gay, pro-patriarchy, promotes “collaboration” between workers and bosses for the good of “race and nation,” and believes that whites are biologically and genetically different, superior, and more intelligent than non-whites.


Members of the Golden State Skinheads, also supporting the white power mobilization on June 26th along with the Traditionalist Worker Party.

The Traditionalist Workers Party is currently attempting to organize in white working-class communities that are hit the hardest by the recession of 2008 and who have also thrown their support behind the Trump campaign. In short, they are building support for fascism and white supremacy. In many ways, this makes the TWP the most dangerous Neo-Nazi and white nationalist group in the US, for they are attempting to build a base among those that should be linking up with poor and working class communities across the world against capitalism, not for fascism. But in building that base, the TWP also needs muscle, just like Trump does. This is why they are coming to Sacramento to build support among Neo-Nazi skinhead gangs and grow their organization.


Traditionalist Worker Party leader Matthew Heimbach gives a Nazi salute.

Fascism offers nothing to the working-class and humanity: white, black, brown, yellow, or red. It is an enemy of the people that must be defeated. Fascism historically has always attempted to crush the power of working people to fight back against their conditions and to further the cause of racism and apartheid. We must stop the white supremacists and fascists from being able to take the streets.

This is why we call on everyone from youth crews, political groups and collectives, faith communities and organizations, student formations, labor unions, and networks of friends to join us at 9 AM on Sunday, June 26th at the West Side steps of the Sacramento State Capitol.

Plan, mobilize, organize, network, and help put an end to fascism, racism, and white supremacy once and for all.


Matthew Heimbach speaks at a rally with other white nationalists and Neo-Nazis.

Ways To Become Part of the Mobilization:

  • Tell friends, co-workers, and those that go to your place of study or worship about the mobilization. Get them to come with you.
  • If you are involved in an organization, such as labor union, student group, or an organizing collective or formation, invite them to come along and join in the demonstration. Endorse the mobilization by contacting Sacramento Antifa here.
  • Bring signs, banners, and noise makers. Drown out the white supremacists!
  • Get here early! Arrive at 9 AM to help blockade the rally. The permit for the fascist rally is slated to start at 11 AM, with the rally itself set for 12 Noon. Arrive at 9 to shut it down and help keep our numbers strong.
  • Join the mobilization on Facebook here and share it online:
  • Bring water, food, and shoes to move in. It may be a long day at the capitol.
  • Print out flyers and share images on social media. Choose from those listed below or make your own!
  • Have an exit plan with friends. Don’t leave alone if you can. Stay safe and don’t be caught off guard by these scum.

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