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Feb 13, 19

NC Prison Rebel Finds Glass in Food After Hunger Strike

The following is a report out of Polk CI from Joseph “Shine White” Stewart, who has continued to face retaliation since calling for NC prisoners to participate in the national prison strike which occurred last August.

On January 2nd, a hunger strike began at Polk CI which, according to a second participant, involved 10-15 prisoners and aimed to improve telephone privileges, reinstall emergency call buttons in cells, improve hygiene and food, gain access to daily showers, stop mailroom censorship of outside news, and make it easier to get off segregation.


On January 14th, 2019 I was a victim of one of the enemies’ several retaliatory tactics. Around 10:45 am my lunch tray was brought to my cell by officers Worthmann and Alston. Being that I’m a vegan my tray has my name, opus #, and room # on it. Upon receiving my tray as I always do I thoroughly inspected it for any foul play. During my inspection I found shards of glass throughout my food.

I brought this to the attention of the officers, and they witnessed me pulling glass from my food, and in agreement with me they admitted it was glass. I then requested Sergeant Gillis be called to my cell, and he cam and I showed him that there was glass, and he agreed as well that it was glass.

Now this attempt to harm me wasn’t done by accident. Prior to receiving my lunch tray Sgt. Gillis came to my cell informing me that I had been written up for a disciplinary infaction for A-2—organizing or participating in a riot or group demonstration. This infraction derived from a hunger strike that started on January 2nd, which was organized to demand that we receive outside recreation and phone calls.

Please don’t allow my call for help fall on blind eyes and deaf ears. I entreat that you share this with as many people and on as many platforms as possible. I don’t fear death for it would be a relief from these conditions. But they shouldn’t be allowed to murder me as they done Freddie Picket, without fear of exposure. I will conclude this now, if my oppressors are reading this: “You can kill the revolutionary but you can’t kill the revolution.”

-Joesphy “Shine White” Stewart

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