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Jul 27, 17

New Orleans, LA: Showing Solidarity with #DefendJ20

Although we live in a predominantly right leaning state, we have been fighting this administration from the beginning. Now (having had some of our own community arrested on J20) we are fighting to make it clear that standing up against those that run on a platform of hate is our right. We will not stand by while racism, sexism, and xenophobia run rampant. The wrongful arrests and kettling tactics on J20 have not and will not be forgotten. Nor will the people whose lives have been disproportionately affected for exercising their rights to free speech and protest.

We wage this war all the while maintaining the need for safety and support of our immigrant communities. We will not stay silent while hateful bigots gather in our city. We will not allow them a platform. The forces brought about by this campaign should be shut down and we are here to back anyone brave enough to do it.

To let everyone in our city know where we stand, we wheatpasted several messages including:

Refugees are welcome:

Yellow refugee pic.jpg

Refugee on graffiti 2.jpg

Fascist organizing will not be tolerated:

Not another inch fascist.jpg

Not another inch fascist graffiti.jpg

Solidarity with Dane Powell and all J20 Resistance fighters:



Print some posters, make some paste, and join us in the streets.

Your local New Orleans anti-fascists 

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