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Sep 12, 16

New Orleans: Noise Demo in Solidarity with Prison Strike


Submitted to It’s Going Down

On Friday September 9, 2016 around thirty individuals met up a few blocks away from the notorious Orleans Parish Prison for a demonstration in solidarity with the national prison strike. After milling about in the darkness under an oak tree which felt like an eternity the group took to the streets. Taking Broad, a major thoroughfare, with whistles, air horns, and good old pots and pans the crowd was emboldened for the action after receiving support from passers-bye for “TOTAL ANARCHY BRUH!” and motorists shouting to “BURN THAT SHIT DOWN!”


Once the group arrived at the gates things immediately started to become festive with prisoners inside waving towels and banging on the glass. Fireworks started going off with mortars and roman candles lighting up the sky. After about twenty minutes ten police cruisers and several CO’s showed up. New Orleans is famous for having the best parade cops in the world, that and the fact they are lazy.

That being said the police and CO’s did not engage the crowd even while chants of “FUCK THE POLICE” ran along with the rhythm of pots. Deciding not to engage the cops, the crowd began the move to disperse. As the demo pulled away a squad car began to follow but was halted after a mortar exploded next to the car. All said and done, the action was successful and is only the beginning as the strike continues.



-the dirty south

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