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June 7

From SurNegro

We are excited to present to you the trailer for the 11 part series “No Borders: Social Struggles Across the USA” by the international anarchist media team, Sur Negro Productions, in collaboration with members of Black Rose/Rosa Negra and other organizations. A small production team from Chile spent months traveling across the huge territory we know as the United States of America to learn about social movements and the daily resistance to capitalism.

The first season focuses on the struggles in 12 cities: New York City, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland, Fresno, Los Angeles, Tucson, and Flagstaff. During the course of traveling across the US, the team received the solidarity and support of many individuals and groups to help with its production.

Please consider a donation towards production costs: https://www.tilt.com/til…/no-borderssin-fronteras-web-series

No Borders, Social Struggles Across the World / Sin Fronteras, La lucha social a travéz del mundo), is the name of a web series presenting experiences of social organizations and anti-capitalist resistance in different regions of the world. Its special focus lies on anti-authoritarian practices within social movements.

The first season of this web series was realized with the collaboration of Black Rose Anarchist Federation Locals (EEUU), Anarchistisches Radio Berlin (Anarchist Radio Berlin, Germany, part of IFA / International of Anarchist Federation) and Casa Volnitza (Anarchist Social Centere in Santiago de Chile). Recorded in the year 2015 in 12 cities of the U.S. the web series is organized in 11 chapters. Each chapter of 30 minutes contains interviews with social and political organizations that explain their practices and therefore give detailed insights into the contexts of their social struggles in their city. In addition, each chapter has a music segment presenting musicians involved in their cities’ struggles.

The web series “Sin Fronters/No Borders” (SN/NB) as a project of the Sur Negro Comunicaciones counts on a wide network of collaborating people in different parts of this planet and with a wide range of knowledge and abilities. The team of translation and interpretation is of vital importance for this project to cross frontiers and to achieve a global scale in the future. And therefore new collaborators are always welcome!

We openly call for your collaboration in Our Fundraicing and for you to contact us if you want to contibute to the development of Sin Fronteras/No Borders or the future communication projects of Sur Negro. Especially: Translaters, Illustrators, designers, musicians or journalists or whoever with experience in communication or an related area. Those who can create dissemination campaigns or communication strategies for specific regions.

Those who want to comment on our work and who want to share their impressions about this project.

We will read all mails we receive at contact@surnegro.tv

Chapter N°1 | New York

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