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Jun 23, 21

So-called Vancouver, BC: No More City Issue 3 Submission Callout

A call for submissions for the third issue of the Vancouver based publication, No More City.

We are now taking submissions for our third issue of No More City until July 31st. We are looking for writing and art that pushes against the boundaries of capitalism, colonialism, cis­hetero­patriarchy, and speciesism. We are looking for work that is created with intensity or tenderness. We welcome any anarchist and anti­-authoritarian writing that you may want to share. The writing doesn’t need to reflect the ideas and opinions of us as a collective, nor what has been published previously ­ we want the biggest scope of ideas as possible, even when they differ from our own!

We are looking for personal reflection essays, local news coverage, local arts and culture event coverage, book or zine reviews, communiques, poetry, short fiction, and visual art. We want to publish writing and art about forces that effect your lives and the lives of people you know, based on first­hand experience. We want to hear about your reflections, retrospectives, projects, and on­ the­ ground reports about actions. The work should be real, relevant, and local to so-­called vancouver and the greater BC area.

We ask that your writing be connected to the subjects you write about either through personal experience or thoughtful research, so that communities don’t feel like someone else outside their community is trying to speak on behalf of them, or to tell their stories without meaningful engagement.

We encourage you to include images with your submission, a title for the piece and a name or pseudonym you want the work to be under.

We will copy edit prose to fix spelling and grammar errors. We will avoid any major edits (unless you would like feedback, in which case, let us know!)

For this issue, we are particularly interested in pieces on COVID, alienation, reflections on “community,” land defense, antifascism in vancouver, “what’s going on? is anything going on?” and recent and ongoing struggles (e.g.: TMX, treesitting, tent cities, fairy creek). We are always open to report backs and responses to works in previous issues. If you liked or hated something we’ve published, let us know! As we are a vancouver-based zine, we prioritize publishing work from vancouver or elsewhere in so called british columbia.

Read past issues of No More City @

About us: We are an anarchist publication based out of so-­called vancouver. We are a collective of cats who live in the city because that’s where pals and projects are at. Meanwhile, we plug our ears through the constant car traffic and construction noise and breathe in asphalt fumes and car exhaust. We watch all of our favorite spaces disappear through gentrification and see fewer non­human animal friends every year. The city is life ­support. The city is death. About us continued at

Email us: [email protected]

photo: Jeremy Allouche via Unsplash

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