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Jul 30, 17

#NoNewKKK: Mobilize to Defend Charlottesville, VA

From Solidarity C-Ville

On August 12th, the alt-right plans to descend on our small town of Charlottesville, VA. Right now they claim to be bringing as many as 1,000 people to terrorize and intimidate anyone who disagrees with their ideology of white supremacy and toxic masculinity. We must outnumber them in order to #DefendCville.

This is an all call to everyone across the nation who feels called to stand in solidarity with Charlottesville to shout loud and clear that we say absolutely #NoNewKKK. Bring your friends, bring your skills, bring your voices, we are deeply grateful for every offer of support. To coordinate affinity groups, connect with housing options or ask questions of local organizers, email mail to: [email protected].

#NoNewKKK #DefendCville

Submitted to It’s Going Down

The basement dwellers, neo-Nazis, and militia cos players currently known as the Alt-Right have been doing a great job ripping themselves apart lately. In an effort to heal some of these rifts, the incredibly punchable Richard Spencer has chosen the home of his alma matter to try and #UnitetheRight. Presumably because he sees Charlottesville as his terf, Spencer thinks he can get an easy show of force in a small, wealthy, and segregated southern college town. These dumb shits are apparently too chicken shit to try anything like that in cities like Richmond or Atlanta.

The KKK rally on July 8th turned out an estimated 2,500 counter-demonstrators to push out 30 klansmen, so there will be quite a few people aiming to come back and get their piece of Dick Spencer, Matt Heimbach, Augustus Invictus, and other neo-Nazi fuckheads.

If you happen to be passing through the area, its good to know the terrain. From some comrades who care:

  • It will be mid-August in the foothills of Virginia. Bring water and breathable clothing.
  • This is the home of UVA. Its no art school. Salmon shorts are what’s happening.
  • Sometimes a crowd and banners is better cover than a uniform.
  • We will have numbers, let’s use them.

  • Charlottesville is in the foothills, with small streets and alleyways. Take the high ground, disperse and regroup. Keep moving.
  • Local organizers are swamped with the amount of work needed to facilitate so many out of towners. The more self sufficient you can be re: food, housing, orienting yourself to the area, etc, the better.
  • The state police have a lot of impressive toys but very little experience using them. Take the initiative.
  • For more info follow @SolidCville

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