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Sep 25, 23

NYC: Stop Cop City Protesters Disrupt Awards Ceremony ‘Honoring’ Georgia Governor Kemp

Report on recent rally in solidarity with ongoing resistance to Cop City in so-called New York City. Originally posted to Weelaunee Defense NYC.

Wednesday, we disrupted an event hosted by the Cold War-era Korea Society honoring Georgia Governor Kemp at the Plaza Hotel.

Kemp is one of the biggest proponents of destroying Atlanta’s Weelaunee Forest to build Cop City. He has clarified that he will not tolerate resistance to the widely-reviled project. He supported the murder of Tortuguita, the politicized RICO and terrorism charges against Forest Defenders and the suppression of the referendum in Atlanta. He was awarded for luring Korean industries, especially corporations like Kia and Honda, to Georgia, promising them low unionization. Since the genocidal Korean War, groups like the Korean Society have justified the maintenance of a militarized border separating the Korean people and preserving a constant threat of war. In solidarity with the rebels of Atlanta, political prisoners, UAW workers, those who defy all borders and the cops guarding them, and all who despise Kemp, we gathered to make sure he and those honoring him would not celebrate in peace.

We gathered at the luxury hotel as attendees arrived, reading a statement demanding dropping charges against those from the Stop Cop City struggle, participants in the 2020 uprising, and the racist RICO case against YSL records. We chanted “Free Frankie! Free Victor!” demanding Francis “Frankie” Carrol and Victor Puertas be released from custody immediately.

While attendees arrived, we ensured they knew Kemp was both dishonorable and had blood on his hands for the murder of Tortuguita. Comrades brought the message inside the hotel before the NYPD pushed us from their barricades, brutally arresting three comrades, proving the violence of policing, showing why cannot allow Cop City to be built anywhere it is proposed.

Attendees heard our chants of “No Cop City!” and “Viva Viva Tortuguita” as they dined. We passed out hundreds of flyers, explaining our presence to widespread support. When we felt our message had been sufficiently heard, many traveled to the 7th Precinct to ensure our comrades’ safe release. Before leaving, we warned Kemp and his supporters that we would never stop uplifting the message to save the Weelaunee forest and stop Cop City.

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