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May 13, 17

Oath Keepers Protect Alt-Right Boston Rally, Antifascists Counter Rally

In Boston, on Saturday May 13th, a collection of Trump supporters, members of the Alt-Right, the ‘Proud Boys,’ and the Oath Keepers militia, along with Alt-Right personalities like “Based Stickman” of Daly City, California, held a “Free Speech Rally.”

Like all other “Free Speech” rallies that Chapman has participated in, the purpose is not “Free Speech” itself, but instead bringing together various far-Right, Alt-Right, militia, and pro-Trump groups and uniting them under a banner of fighting social movements that are organizing and fighting against capitalism, Trump, and the status-quo. Chapman has stated that he hopes to build up fighting forces of “Alt-Knights” to defend the Trump Presidency, even at a time when many Trump supporters are deserting their former candidate in droves.

Chapman addressed the crowd and said that communists were trying to destroy Western civilization and that, “They’re going after whites.” He also called antifascist protesters, “Nazis,” and claimed they wanted to build, “a communist, dystopia.” Like most of what Chapman says, his talking points are just a mix of far-Right conspiracy theories, watered down Alt-Right and white nationalist talking points, and half-baked notions of nationalism. The rally led to minor clashes and several arrests.

Antifa activists chanted things like “Go back to 4chan!”

At one point, someone from the Proud Boys ran up the hill where antifascist demonstrators had gathered and punched a much younger female protester, before being removed by police. Later, a mix of Oath Keepers and younger members of the Alt-Right took to the streets wearing red MAGA hats and flying “Kek flags.

In an online article, the Oath Keepers militia claims to have received threats against the ‘Free Speech Rally’ from groups like “Boston Antifa,” which is a fake twitter account run by Alt-Right trolls in Eugene, Oregon.

Right-wing posts on a social media after the event showed infighting between the Alt-Right and members of the Oath Keeper militia. Other posts described the Boston rally as disorganized, blamed the Oath Keepers, and said antifascists “humiliated” them.

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