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Mar 27, 17

Omaha, NE: #DisruptMAGA reportback March 25th

The March 25th MAGA rally in Omaha, Nebraska was forced to operate within a preemptive heavy police perimeter on the City Hall plaza. The pathetic four block sidewalk march to the plaza was outnumbered by their escorts of Omaha police cars, fifteen bicycle cops and four horseback cops. Sad! Marching with their silly yellow snake and blue lives flags they arrived at the plaza where someone began singing the U.S. national anthem on a loudspeaker while gang unit cops sat across the street and riot gear cops were spotted waiting inside the lobby of city hall. A guitarist began playing a Lee Greenwood cover to the MAGA crowd as they breathed a sigh of relief that their march arrived undisturbed. The all-clear call went across the police scanner.

Then, a black bloc appeared.



With black and red flags flying high, about 50 antifascists swarmed up to the plaza blasting air horns and bullhorn sirens over the pathetic failing warble of the guitar amp. Bike cops scrambled to form a barricade, instantly using their bikes as weapons to push and hit people.

The non-violent actions were met with violent suppression by local police. The “official” narrative was determined on an open police scanner channel: “the protesters were grabbing and pushing the bikes. We had no option but to escalate.” Mean Streets Omaha (see tweet below) is a bootlicking shut-in that failed the police academy so he lives vicariously through scanners to create copaganda. With the use of freelance amateur photographers and tips from followers, Mean Streets documents police action through blue-tinted lenses, and having amassed over 100k Twitter followers in doing so, professional media lazily rely on the coverage of Mean Streets, the free mouthpiece to Omaha PD.

The false narratives don’t even attempt to look legit. There is one person in this reportedly 200 deep march. Police separated the anti-Trump forces from the pro-Trump marchers at 15th and Farnam.

The already low energy MAGA crowd thinned out to a few stragglers within minutes of the antifa presence.


OPD lined up in riot gear and on horseback, backs turned to the armed bikers, white nationalists, and social media director of the Creighton University chapter of Turning Point USA, Nick Marcuccio. OPD removed TV camera crews overlooking the action in preparation to more aggressively hit the line of antifa with bikes and pepperball rounds. Anyone that was pushed into the street was snatched and arrested for obstruction. The antifascist bloc was pushed around the block from the plaza before turning them in on a side entry staircase where antifa took the high ground to form a wall around street medics. Announcing there was an injured person, two medics attempted to carry off someone that could not walk. A gang unit officer tackled the clearly identified medics from behind and shouting, “If they need medical care they need decontamination!” and other cops moved in to wrestle and arrest the other medic and the injured person. A third medic’s milk of magnesia bottle was slapped to the ground as they were hit with multiple pepperball rounds. Many unspent rounds were later found on the sidewalks.


Eight arrests were made with a total of $5000 bail and all arrestees were out before the fascist lemming could tweet his signature midnight call. Jail support held it down and the bloc made the great plains antifa again, scaring hell into the pathetic MAGA crowd and their guard dogs on the Omaha police force.

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