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Dec 14, 19

Palm Beach Tenants Union Barricade Against Unlawful Eviction

Report from the Palm Beach Tenants Union on a recent blockade against the eviction of tenant organizers by slumlords.

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Friday, December 13th, after years of fighting for safe housing, several key Stonybrook tenant leaders each received a 1-day writ of possession. What this means is that 24 hours from now the sheriff will return to padlock all of their doors.

Two of the residents being evicted are elderly (in their 60’s). All of them filed legal affidavits about airborne asbestos, mold spores, and sewage in their units. All of them are now being thrown out on the streets for speaking out, just days before Christmas.

We can’t let this happen without a fight! We called on all comrades, allies, and supporters to mobilize for emergency eviction defense at Stonybrook at 12 pm, Friday afternoon. Currently, we are asking everyone to hold a rotating 24-hour community vigil outside of Stonybrook walls.

We must, as a community, bear witness to this gross dehumanizing injustice. We must draw the line here. We must say enough is enough to these slumlords. They must learn, the hard way, that we won’t tolerate their abuse of these families any longer.

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