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Nov 18, 21

Phoenix Nazis a No-Show Despite Weekend of Nationwide Fascist Activity

Antifascist action report from so-called Phoenix, Arizona about a successful mobilization against neo-Nazi organizing.

Between the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, the Boise mall shooting, a recent wave of hate by the Goyim Defense League and other Nazis targeting marginalized groups, the far-Right has been mobilizing in recent weeks. A Phoenix, Arizona group known as both “White Lives Matter” and “Folksfront Resistance” had announced plans for monthly marches and actions with the most recent one scheduled to take place on November 13th.

Fascist Rally Flyers

Last month on October 16th the same group tried to mobilize and failed significantly when confronted immediately by antifascists. This time, around the Nazi group was relatively silent online with no mention of the location they would be gathering at. Regardless, a much larger crew of antifascists searched the Phoenix area on a continual basis for any Nazis or Nazi propaganda. Noon came and went and none showed. Towards 1 pm some fascists with pro-Trump, pro-cop, and U.S. flags showed up to Wesley Bolin Plaza near the State Capitol. Antifascists arrived to the area in a matter of minutes with about a half dozen open carrying AR-15s, shotguns, and other firearms.

Small Group of Fascists at Wesley Bolin Plaza

Small Group of Fascists at Wesley Bolin Plaza

The small group of fascists did not appear to be associated with this neo-Nazi group but were more or less random chuds. They remained close to their truck and left soon after the antifascist group’s presence formed. No confrontation took place.

Antifascists spent the rest of the day searching parks and various public places for any flyering or signs of a neo-Nazi presence. Not only did this include Phoenix but also the nearby cities of Tempe, Mesa, and Gilbert where known fascist gatherings have previously taken place. That evening some Patriot Front material was spotted in Gilbert and immediately removed. Freeway overpasses were searched across the entire metro area throughout the night and Sunday for the possibility of any fascist banner drops but none were found.

Banner drop at Margaret T. Hance park

Anti-police message near Margaret T. Hance park

To send the message that fascist organizing will not be tolerated here, a banner drop was deployed at Margaret T. Hance park in downtown Phoenix. Anti-police tagging was also left in the area as a reminder that ‘the cops and the klan go hand in hand.’ The White Lives Matter/Folksfront Resistance group announced Thursday morning that they will be having a rally on December 18th. Not on our watch.

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