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Feb 5, 19

Portland, OR: Antifascist and Autonomous Groups Hand Out Supplies In Wake of Snow Storm

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Report on mutual aid relief in wake of Portland snow storm.

On February 4th, members of Portland antifascist groups Occupy ICE PDX, PNW Youth Liberation Front, Demand Utopia, and Queer Liberation Front, gathered in a downtown park to hand out blankets, clothing, hand warmers, and hot food to the houseless populous of our streets. Houseless folks often go overlooked in Portland, and Feb 4th was no different. Below freezing temperatures, people at risk of freezing to death, as the ruling class, the police, and the ‘leaders’ of our city sat inside comfortably.

Walking through the lightly snow dusted streets of Portland, witnessing our fellow community members fighting to survive, as the locals continue to wallow in ignorance and act as if nothing is happening, while their neighbors are dying, its a disgusting truth that’s been going on for years and years on end.

We strongly believe that with constant acts of mutual aid, solidarity, and direct action, replacing lackluster government systems with ourselves will be the only way the people of Portland can get what they need, the government has shown time and time again that they will not help unless its profitable, and for that reason, we’ll be taking matters into our own hands.

The cold weather is not over, members of our community are still struggling to stay warm and stay alive.

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