From Philly Anti-Capitalist

We put up posters in various neighbors of South Philly. The posters express solidarity with the struggle of the prisoners in Holman prison in Alabama. Some Bernie-bro got real mad but he didn’t run fast enough to catch us ?

Poster text reads:

Solidarity with the Rebels in Holman Prison!

Fire to the Prisons!

Twice in four days inmates locked away in Holman prison in Alabama have lashed out against their captors and the cages that separating them from their freedom. Rebels set fire to the control tower, stabbed guards, built barricades, and took over sections of the prison. We want to spread their struggle & let them know they have friends outside the prison who support their fight.

Prisons are an atrocity that separate friends and loved ones. The notion that prisons are around to help people and rehabilitate criminals is a sorry joke we’re tired of hearing. Prisons aren’t “corrupt” or in need of reform, they’re an integral part of the white supremacist social order.

Second poster text:

Destroy Prison Society

Prison is much more than four walls of a vile institution; prison as a condition is reflected and reproduced in the world that surrounds us.

It is the camera on every street corner surveilling our comings and goings; it is the DNA and fingerprint databanks that record our most personal details; it is the borders and constant threat of detention and deportation that would keep us from freely choosing where we want to live. It is the threat of work or imprisonment; the routine of work and school; the domestication of life.


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