February 21

Wildcat Strike Spreads: UC Santa Cruz Shut Down & UC Dining Halls and Offices Occupied

Cover photo: @backup_sandwich In what is being referred to as “Doomsday,” UC President Janet Napolitano has given striking student workers at the... Read Full Article

February 19

#COLA4All as Commune: A Report on the First Week of the Santa Cruz Wildcat Strike

The following is a personal account and blow by blow of the first week of the growing wildcat strike on the UC... Read Full Article

February 18

Overthrow the Algorithm: Sole on the Music Industry, Permaculture & the Channel Zero Network

In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with the long running underground hip-hop artist Sole, who burst onto... Read Full Article

February 18

Strike While the Iron is Hot: An Interview on the Growing Wildcat Strike at UC Santa Cruz

Since the wildcat strike at the University of California in Santa Cruz kicked off last Monday, thousands of students have blocked streets... Read Full Article