May 25, 22

From Failed Reform to the Victory of Law and Order: Jarrod Shanahan on the History of Rikers Island and Lessons for Abolition

photo: @AshAgony How did an attempt at carceral reform lead to the creation of one of the US’s most notorious jails? In... Read Full Article

May 24, 22

Canadian Tire Fire #37: Nakba Day Roundup, Actions Against Coastal GasLink Pipeline, Tearing Down Fences and More

photo: @NSNPeel Saddle Lake Cree Nation announced this week that it is investigating the deaths of over 200 residential school children who... Read Full Article

May 21, 22

This Is America #167: Kamau Franklin on the Fight to Defend the Atlanta Forest and Beyond

Welcome, to This Is America, May 21st 2022. On this episode, we speak with Kamau Franklin of Community Movement Builders about the... Read Full Article

May 19, 22

“We’re Pro-Choice and We Riot!”: How Anarcha-Feminists Built Dual Power in Struggles for Reproductive Freedom

A historical look at how anarchists in the 1990s mobilized against attacks on reproductive freedom and autonomy by taking direct action and... Read Full Article