Jul 2, 22

In Contempt #18: June 11th; Political Prisoner and Uprising Defendant Updates; Prison Mail Digitalization

Welcome to In Contempt #18. In this column, we present our monthly roundup of political prisoner, prison rebel, and repression news, happenings,... Read Full Article

Jul 2, 22

This Is America #169: Discussion on SCOTUS Ruling on Abortion as the Streets Explode

Welcome, to This Is America, June 30th, 2022. On this episode, we speak with anarchist youtuber and podcaster, Andrew, about anarchist media,... Read Full Article

Jul 1, 22

“They Cannot Control Our Bodies”: A Report From DC On the Night of the Dobbs Decision

A report from Washington DC on the recent black bloc mobilization on June 24th, in response to attacks by the Supreme Court... Read Full Article

Jun 29, 22

North Carolina Prisoners Organize Rolling Protests and Hunger Strikes for Juneteenth, Ask for Phone Zap

Report from prisoners in North Carolina on various protest actions and a call for support. Comrades in both North Carolina and Georgia... Read Full Article