Oct 22, 20

“Expose the Contradiction”: William C Anderson on Anarchism, Mutual Aid, and What Comes Next

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we spoke with William C Anderson, who alongside Zoé Samudzi, is the co-author... Read Full Article

Oct 21, 20

Rhythm and Ritual: Composing Movement in Portland’s 2020

Originally published by Ill Will Editions, the following reflection on the ongoing demonstrations in Portland offers both an analysis of why the... Read Full Article

Oct 20, 20

This Week In Fascism #79: The Jaws of Victory

Photo: Left Coast Right Watch Welcome fellow antifascists! There’s a lot going on this week: from hundreds of antifascists demonstrators marching in... Read Full Article

Oct 17, 20

Front Liners to the Front, Part 2: Between Politics and Rebellion in Atlanta

photo: Maria Oswalt  In my last article, “Front Liners to the Front (Part 1)”, released on July 8th, I catalogued the overarching... Read Full Article