May 27, 23

Independent Media in the Social Struggle: An Interview with Avispa Midia

The following features an interview between IGD and Avispa Midia about the role of independent and autonomous media in social struggles in... Read Full Article

May 22, 23

Graffiti Writers Are Painting Over a Pro-Police “Street Art” Campaign Backed by a Tech Billionaire in San Francisco

A “street art” campaign backed by Welsh tech billionaire and venture capitalist Michael Moritz is being targeted by graffiti artists in San... Read Full Article

May 22, 23

“States of Incarceration”: Abolition, Revolt, and Organization

In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we present a recording from a recent speaking tour of the Pacific Northwest... Read Full Article

May 21, 23

Storming In: Struggle in Atlanta Against Cop City Continues Despite Repression

Report from Atlanta, as demonstrations continue against the Cop City project in the face of ongoing repression. On May 15th, around 500... Read Full Article