Oct 1, 22

Community Rallies Against Police and “Green Team” Sweep of Encampment in Humboldt County, CA

Report on recent resistance to encampment sweeps in so-called Eureka, California. On Saturday, September 24th, Eureka California’s largest encampment of unhoused people... Read Full Article

Sep 30, 22

Antifascists Successfully Defend Pro-LGBTQ Event at Church From Kelly Neidert Rally with Hitler Saluting Neo-Nazis

Report from Screwston Anti-Fascist Committee and the Space City Anarchist Organization on a recent mobilization to defend a church in Katy, Texas,... Read Full Article

Sep 29, 22

At the Threshold of the Empire: Border Crossings, Government Harassment, and How to Protect Yourself

The Austin Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) looks at political repression and harassment at the border and how to best approach crossings. Last... Read Full Article

Sep 28, 22

Officials Move to Squash Massive Strike Across Alabama Prisons

Thousands of prisoners have launched a historic work strike across what even the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) is admitting is “most... Read Full Article