Dec 6, 22

Protests Along Arizona Border Halts Construction of Governor’s Wall of Shipping Containers

photo/screenshot: @PeccaryNotPig Former CEO of Cold Stone Creamery and current Republican Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, is attempting to flood several miles... Read Full Article

Dec 5, 22

Canadian Tire Fire #49: The Struggle Against CGL, Policing in BC, Queer Community Defense

photo: @NovotelTO This week our main stories cover an update on policing in British Columbia, the ongoing struggle against Coastal Gaslink, and... Read Full Article

Dec 2, 22

In Contempt #23: Antifascists Given Long Sentences for Self-Defense; Mutulu Shakur Granted Parole

In this column, we present our monthly roundup of political prisoner, prison rebel, and repression news, happenings, announcements, action and analysis. Packed... Read Full Article

Dec 1, 22

How Transphobia Built a Coalition of Eco-Radicals, White Nationalists and Right-Wing Think Tanks

Last month, antifascists and members of the LGBTQ+ community, mobilized against a group of TERFs (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists), holding events across the... Read Full Article