Sep 22, 23

Report and Analysis on Mass Community Defense of Ottawa Schools Against Gender Fascists

The following analysis looks at a recent mobilization in June against far-Right attacks on the LGBTQ+ community in Ottawa schools. On a... Read Full Article

Sep 19, 23

Heating Up: An Interview with Peter Gelderloos on Climate Change and the Fight to Change Everything

This summer brought yet another record heat wave, as climate change fueled disasters hit countries around the world, leaving human communities devastated... Read Full Article

Sep 15, 23

Inside the Fascist Lurch: Amanda Moore on Going Undercover Within MAGA

In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with journalist and investigator Amanda Moore, about spending over a year... Read Full Article

Sep 13, 23

Canadian Tire Fire #64: Fairy Creek Updates, Radical Pride, Migrant Prison Hunger Strike and #SearchTheLandfill Solidarity

In August, wildfires continued to burn across Canada. By mid-August, the amount of land burnt by wildfires this season amounted to 15.3... Read Full Article