May 10, 21

Report from Elizabeth City as the State Clamps Down on Protests for Andrew Brown, Jr

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we spoke with Andrea about the unfolding demonstrations and protests in Elizabeth City... Read Full Article

May 7, 21

This Is America #139: Fight Against Mountain Valley Pipeline Continues; Analysis of Chauvin Trial’s Close

Welcome, to This Is America, May 7th, 2021. On this episode we bring you an interview (recorded about two weeks ago) with... Read Full Article

May 5, 21

This Week in Fascism #107: Violence from Proud Boys Still Welcomed at Rallies Alongside Trump Supporters; Given Free Pass by Police

Welcome fellow antifascists! We’ve got a lot of stories to cover this week! From the far-Right violently going after a Black Lives... Read Full Article

May 3, 21

Anarchist and Autonomous Groups Hit Streets; Hold Public Events on May Day 2021

This year, anarchist and autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial groups held May Day events, actions, and celebrations around the world, including across so-called... Read Full Article