Sep 24, 21

This Is America #148: Nabisco Strike Grows into Wider Struggle; Fight to Free Sean Swain Continues

photo: @tevitauhatafe Welcome to This Is America, August 24th, 2021. On this episode, first we speak with someone from Symbiosis in Portland,... Read Full Article

Sep 23, 21

Break the Borders: For Solidarity, Mutual Aid, and Fire to the American Plantation

Zine PDF HERE Recent footage of border patrol agents whipping and herding Haitian migrants fleeing natural disasters and economic collapse like cattle... Read Full Article

Sep 21, 21

Canadian Tire Fire #12: Good Riddance to the Election; Anarchist Gatherings; Fairy Creek Arrests Hit Over 1K; Student Walkout in London

cover photo: @KanahusFreedom The past few weeks saw a number of anarchist gatherings across so-called Canada, along with the announcement of a... Read Full Article

Sep 21, 21

Where Movements Go to Die: An Analysis of Activist Counterinsurgency in Lincoln, Nebraska

Content Warning: This essay focuses on a social justice movement and therefore discusses police violence against black people, sexual assault, and self-defense... Read Full Article