Jan 16, 21

Talking Infrastructure, Gun Culture, and Anti-Racist Community Building with the Socialist Rifle Association

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with two members of the Socialist Rifle Association (SRA), about the... Read Full Article

Jan 15, 21

From Pandemic to Rebellion: Report on Autonomous Initiatives in So-Called Austin

Report from so-called Austin, Texas about autonomous anti-capitalist initiatives in the area throughout 2020. For more photos and links, see Austin Autonomedia.... Read Full Article

Jan 14, 21

Insurgent Movement, Government Complicity, or Both?

This article by two Three Way Fight comrades highlights the interplay between insurgent far-Rightists and forces within the State itself in the... Read Full Article

Jan 13, 21

Anti-Racism, Anti-Fascism, and Lessons from the Battle of Bay Ridge

Report and analysis from demonstration countering a ‘Black the Blue’ rally in the Dyker Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Download and Print... Read Full Article