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Jul 4, 17

Proud Boys & Alt-Knights Try To Invade San Diego’s Impeachment March

A small group of antifascist and anti-racist activists decided to attend the Impeachment March in San Diego. We attended with the message that the impeachment of Trump will not solve the problem of racism, fascism, capitalism, sexism or trans-phobia. We do not want Pence – a crusading Christian intent on dismantling human rights, or another neo-liberal candidate who speaks highly of human rights yet bombs civilians and robs us blind in the name of the free market. People need to wake up and realize the two party system is broken and doesn’t benefit anybody except the ruling class. To be blunt, we were heavily outnumbered the whole time. We did not expect there to be these numbers of Proud Boys and other Alt-Knights, including “Last Revolution Media” an alt-right media source in California.

Upon arrival we noticed a large patch of fascist Proud Boys mingling on the outskirts of the rally. Three of us arrived with two antifascist flags and we were immediately confronted by police and told that flag poles were not allowed (despite the multiple American flags on aluminum poles and blue lives matter flags on wooden dowels).

Proud Boys started throwing up white power hand-signs and stalking us while the police continued to tell us to leave. After a few more minutes of Proud Boys pacing in front of us the police forced us to put the flags back in the car, or get kicked out. We were outnumbered by 20 heads. When we got back from the car, the march had begun and the Proud Boys were massing on the other side of the park. Two of us walked right by them and were confronted immediately. We began yelling at them and they kept. Masked militia wannabes and Proud Boys donned speed boxing gloves, helmets, and Kekistan flags. It was obvious they were there for a fight and confrontation. We attended the impeachment march with one goal and that was to confront fascists, the fact that they outnumbered us does not deter or hinder our goals at all. We will continue to show up in the same areas as them and continue to confront them. Their hateful message is not welcome on our streets.

During the march we were thanked by multiple liberals for being there to confront the right-wing provocateurs. When the march ended the right-wing weirdos posted up on the northern side of the park behind the police. A lone Proud Boy targeted two of our members via his handheld radio claiming: “He had found two Antifa cucks.”

Liberals noticed him and he was then escorted out of the rally. He then shouted “Where’s your comrades? Where’s your comrades?,” from the middle of the park. One of our members approached the 20+ Proud Boy side only to be asked to leave the entire rally. The fact that the police were protecting fascists is no surprise. Nevertheless, the harassment towards people standing up to the fascists was disgusting.

As we were pressed by the pigs to leave the park, right-wing extremists followed us up the street. Standing our ground we confronted them yet again, they hurled their 4chan arguments at us and told us they were going to escort us to our ride…to which we replied, “Get the fuck out of here.” These were a few of the same clowns from Berkeley and L.A. Proud Boys looking for a fight. Before we could give them one the pigs turned the corner and hassled us.

We were highly outnumbered and weren’t ready to get jumped by 50 Proud Boys so we decided to not engage them physically. We will continue to stand up to these racists at every chance we get. Southern California has a long history of neo-Nazi activity; Proud Boys are no different. They are Nazis. We will continue to fight white supremacy every chance we get. Being outnumbered by a bunch of YouTubers and a fraternity of bootlickers will not stop our wave of racial unity in San Diego.

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