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Apr 28, 17

Berkeley, CA: Racist Attacks on Black Owned Cooperative Follow Alt-Right Trump Rally

April 27th, 2017 – The windows of Alchemy Collective Cafe were shot out the night after white supremacists and pro-Trump supporters rallied in Berkeley, California.

Alchemy is a largely Black and People of Color owned worker cooperative with Black Lives Matter and indigenous solidarity posters in the glass. Community members suspect the attack is race related because this is the second time windows were broken here after a pro-Trump rally in Berkeley, them having been broken a few nights after the March 4 Trump rally.

“I am shocked and angry, but this is just the kind of tactic white supremacists have used for ages to induce fear in our communities, and it’s not going to work,” one patron said. Neighbors are pouring in with support.

Trump supporters and members of the Alt-Right (who give the “Pepe” hand sign) huddle around racist celebrities such as Kyle Chapman aka ‘Based Stickman,’ Lauren Southern from Canada, Gavin McInnes, Brittany Pettibone (who writes for the website run by neo-Nazis Richard Spencer and Nathan Damgio), and many more, after a Berkeley rally on April 27th. George Waltz is located only 1.8 miles from the Alchemy Coffee Shop in Berkeley.

If these attacks are an indicator of what is to come, then it seems clear that the resistance, whether it be under the name Antifa or just anyone down to punch a nazi, needs to confront the alt-right at every possible front so that they are not so emboldened. Our communities will prevail. Long live the resistance.

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