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Nov 5, 19

Atlanta, GA: Railroad Occupation Targets Arms Manufacturer in Solidarity with Rojava

Report back from Atlanta on occupation of train tracks outside of arms manufacturer tied to the Turkish State.

Around 4:00 pm a crowd of mostly costumed people gathered together for a “Halloween Isn’t Dead” potluck at Whittier Mill Park in the North West part of Atlanta, GA. They ate, played football, and explored the woods. Around them children swung on a swing set and teens relentlessly threw a frisbee. The parents split their time between nervously watching their kids and being deep in conversation with one another.

Close to 6:00 pm, as the sun begins to set, the families who had been enjoying their Sunday in the park begin to grow tired and soon trickle out to their homes. When the last family leaves for the night the still costumed Halloween enthusiasts, within minutes, grab their picnic and take it to-go, table and all. They then moved together up an already existing trail and towards the nearby train tracks, which gives passage to many train lines including Norfolk Southern, a train line with close ties to arms manufacturer Northrop Grumman, a supplier of the Turkish Air Force and who presumably uses Norfolk Southern’s trains to transport their arms.

By 6:15 roughly 20 – 30 enthusiasts had taken the tracks, using table barricades and decorative gravestones with the words “Death By Turkish Air Strikes” to mark their claim. Banners that read “NO STATES. ONLY MOUNTAINS” and “DEFEND ROJAVA” went up, smoke and road flairs went off. With police nowhere in sight the enthusiasts decided to hold their position. After about half an hour police lights appeared on the tracks, heading to the occupation. Not a minute later the Halloween enthusiasts fled into the woods. Leaving behind their barricades and decorations in hopes of the occupation outliving the party. No arrests were made.

An official statement from Rise Up for Rojava – Atlanta

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