As the talons of fascism are digging in deeper, we must remember to fight for autonomy and freedom on as small and large a scale as we can.

Here’s to the “slackers” at their jobs, and window smashers down the block; these greetings from Philly urge all to punch a nazi and a cop, remind yr local gentrifiers that they’re not welcome, lie to yr boss and keep yr comrades close.

Here’s to all the J20 folks for getting this year started off right, vowing “No peaceful transition!” to Trump and emboldened white supremacy.

Here’s to the angry queers resisting assimilation and a corporate pride this past June, and navigating this transmisogynistic world every fucking day.

But most pressing, here’s to the YPG and our beloved fallen comrade Heval Demhat for taking up arms in Rojava, fighting ISIS, and a fascist state that was built by American imperialism.

Leaving his home and family in New York, Demhat traveled to so-called-Syria to support the YPG in their struggle for self determination; recognizing the importance of this undertaking, not only for the Kurdish people, but for the ways that anarchist resistance is interconnected. Heval acknowledged that being a part of this revolution would pave the way for autonomous struggle in the Middle East, and bold defiance worldwide. Heval Demhat was killed fighting to liberate Raqqa from ISIS control. Demhat lived and died for his convictions, and fought to support the brave Kurdish people. Long Live Demhat! Long live the YPG! Long live the IRPGF! Martyrs never die!

Here’s to being quiet and dangerous, loud and unstoppable. Let’s keep building trust, doing damage and remaining a threat.

“Our solidarity is our weapon” but hey, we’ve got fists, bats, and guns, too!

Free all prisoners and fire to the state, from Philly with burning love, rage and resistance.

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