On Tuesday July 25th and Wednesday July 26th during the international week of solidarity we set up an info table along the riverwalk in downtown Reno during their ArtTown events. We set up outside the park entrance and handed out fliers, posters, and pamphlets with information about the J20 defendants along with several copies of “To Change Everything”.  We also gave people information on direct action and the importance of not speaking to the police.

We spoke to several dozen people and no one had heard of the case. They were surprised to hear how many people were arrested and what harsh charges they are all facing. The response we got was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone was really supportive and happy to see us out speaking to people.

We were asked a few times who we were with. People were surprised when we told them it was just the two of us (my wife and myself) and that we did this on our own because we thought the message was so important. Neither of us had ever participated in any type of direct action before this, but we both want to do more now. We also met a couple really rad folks who we hope to work with in the future.

In Solidarity from Reno, NV

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