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Jun 27, 23

Report from Eugene Rent Strike Eviction Defense

Report on ongoing rent strike and eviction defense campaign in Eugene, Oregon.

The morning of June 27th, around 40 comrades gathered to defend our friend, neighbor, and comrade, Candice King — who has been on rent strike since April 1, 2023 for the right for her family’s housing — against an imminent eviction.

Community members, comrades, workers, students, and friends have gathered in rallies and in protest at the eviction court, the colonizer house-hoarder property management company, the parasite and oil-company leech landlord Sharon Prager’s home, and have now set up shop on permanent stoop-watch and occupation to stop the pigs from undertaking an eviction of a black family beloved to our community.

After committing to fight for her family, Candice lost in eviction court on June 21st, but will win the only way a working-class person can, by continuing to fight alongside a community in struggle and defiance of private property, precarity, and anti-Blackness.

Already the landleech’s ordered storage / dump vehicle was turned away and barricades have begun to emerge in the driveway.

Like most cities on the West coast, Eugene is facing sky-rocketing rents, stagnating wages, the highest rates of houselessness per capita, the continued violence and brutality of sweeps, arrests, and internment of houseless people in what amount to be nothing more than concentration camps, and the craven capitulation to landlords and capital by the non-profits and progressives. We have the imperative to take the war home and to support those who are unwilling to submit and are prepared to fight to defend their cities and neighbors.

Read more about Candice’s struggle at Eugene Rent Strike.

A local tenants organization  Eugene Housing and Neighborhood Defense (HAND) has been active on social media regarding the struggle!

Look forward to community events and calls to action and for support.

¡No Pasaran!

Stop Evictions is Stop the Sweeps is Defend the Forest is Fuck the Police

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