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Jan 28, 17

Report on Jan 28th Atlanta Anti-Fascist Action from Some Participants

Submitted to It’s Going Down

On Saturday, January 28th, the Alt-Right/white nationalist convergence known as “The Atlanta Forum” met in secret. Information on the venue was closely guarded by event organizers. The racists’ secrecy was likely increased even further due to recent turmoil and infighting in the TheRightStuff project, which until recently Atlanta Forum organizers were affiliated with. (The organizers have since rebranded from the TheRightStuff “TRS Confederates” to “Identity Dixie.”) Atlanta Forum attendees were vetted with great scrutiny, likely driving down the number of new “Alt-Right” converts at the Saturday event.

As the Atlanta Forum approached, Atlanta Antifascists spread the word about the upcoming white power gathering. With less than a week before the event, Antifa promoted a central location for anti-racists to assemble.

One earlier Atlanta Forum flier published on Facebook had listed Stone Mountain Park (outside Atlanta) as the meeting location, but anti-racists suspected from outset that the flyer was an attempt to throw us off the trail. On Saturday, no ideological racists were to be seen at the Stone Mountain fake meeting point. Our attempts to find the real venue included not only electronic and other research, but also calls to potential venues as Jan 28th approached.

By 10AM on Saturday, it was becoming clear that the Atlanta Forum venue would probably not be found. By this point, the anti-fascist crowd at Freedom Park had peaked at 50-60. The assembled group marched to the Inman Park area, which had been hit with fascist/white power propaganda multiple times in prior months. The Antifa march was spirited and forceful. Hundreds of fliers were given to passers-by, and posters were placed along the route. Some march participants also wrote graffiti as they went. After about an hour, the march strategically dispersed due to police presence. In the end, no anti-racists were arrested.

Some Brief Points

  • This organizing demonstrated not only the potential for anti-racist, anti-fascist action in our current climate, but also some resources and skills which we need to build.
  • That stated, 50-60 people assembled in the morning for a rowdy, unpermitted event shows that we can have a wrecking crew when we need one.
  • Atlanta Forum organizers got lucky. They must realize that the forces against them are gaining in size, skills, and determination. Saturday’s events set the stage for future opposition–it’s clear we will fight “Alt-Right” racists in our region every step of the way. 
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