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Jul 25, 17

Sacramento, CA: Freeway Tagged in Support of Antifascist Prisoner Joel Almgren for #J25

In the early morning of July 25th, the international day of solidarity with antifascist prisoners, a tag went up on 80 East, a major freeway in Sacramento, in support of Swedish antifascist prisoner Joel Almgren. Joel has been in prison since 2013, and was sentenced to 5 and a half years for defending a local anti-racist demonstration in Kärrtorp against a brutal Nazi attack. Sacramento stands with Joel and all antifascist prisoners around the globe. This act of solidarity reminds us of the importance of supporting the antifascist struggle on not just a local level but also an international one- we must show solidarity for one another no matter the distance. We all dream of a better world. We are all up against the same enemies. we all fight for the same thing.

We encourage you to send letters of support to Joel! He can read English and Swedish.

His address is:

Joel Almgren
KVA Tidaholm
522 85 Tidaholm

Joel is scheduled for release on parole this year. He has over 4080 USD in fines, and his supporters are asking for help raising the money.

To donate from a non-swedish bank account:

IBAN: SE0680000832799438650120

You can find more information on Joel here:

In his own words,
Don’t forget the streets. Don’t forget the struggle.

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