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Jun 12, 23

San Francisco Takes to the Streets Against the Murder of Banko Brown

Report on recent march in San Francisco, California against the murder of Banko Brown, who was shot and killed by a Walgreens security guard.

Two days ago, I went to a march in San Francisco. While I’m not from the city, which might be controversial, I have been outraged over the murder of Banko Brown since the Walgreens cop killed him on April 27th. I came across a flyer for the march two days prior, and hit up some friends, who hit up other friends. A few of us showed out, we don’t live far away. Most of the people at the march were from SF though. A few people came out in solidarity from other cities. This was really inspiring to see. And against any liberal counter-insurgency narrative of “outside agitators,” this was a deeply local thing.

People who spoke were from the city, grew up in the city, live in the city, and deal with the state and capital’s bullshit there on a daily. It was beautiful to see, and to learn from the occasion. People need to support each other when calls are made across cities in the same local area. So we showed out.

The march gathered at Alamo Square Park. Once there was about 30-50 people (maybe more—it was hard to tell because at certain points people on the streets kind of surrounded the path), the march proceeded into the streets. If I remember correctly it lasted about an hour. People took the streets with large banners that read “Avenge Banko Brown” and “Abolish Breed and Jenkins,” [a reference to the Mayor and the District Attorney]. There were homies on bikes peripherally and people also carried signs with anti-gentrification and anti-police messages.

Throughout the march some people in bloc tagged “Banko” everywhere, “housing for everyone” on abandoned buildings, “FTP” on No Parking signs and on moving MUNI buses. They also tagged over the “slow street” signs, which was funny. Speakers on a mega phone were sharing short speeches condemning the violence as gentrifiers and wealthy techies were going about their daily life, retelling the stories of SFPD terror and resistance over the past two decades. They condemned the white supremacy, anti-Blackness, and the colonizer world of San Francisco perpetuated by politicians and the owning class. There was also a steady stream of chants that carried the energy between stops.

According to local news reports, the home of the Mayor was also vandalized with graffiti slogans:

Vandals spray-painted graffiti across San Francisco Mayor London Breed’s home this past weekend, criticizing her and District Attorney Brooke Jenkins over their stances on the controversial killing of Banko Brown.

The Mayor’s Office confirmed the incident occurred Saturday, leaving the facade of her apartment and a neighboring property in the Lower Haight neighborhood covered in black spray paint. Other messages were scrawled on the sidewalk and street pavement. The messages included vulgar language directed at Breed and Jenkins, with one message on the garage of Breed’s home reading: “Get a life London yr a killer.”

Other tagging read: “F— Brooke Jenkins,” “Rest in peace Banko” and “ACAB,” an acronym for the phrase “all cops are bastards.”

The march finally circled back toward the park, with people standing together holding banners and a few speakers addressing the crowd – completely de-legitimizing every rich gentrifier’s Friday leisurely stroll in the park, made possible by ongoing Black, Brown, and Native displacement and death.

Hopefully there are more of these actions. And soon.

A fire only needs a spark and smoke signals are a great way to communicate.

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