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Sep 6, 15

San Jose Tenants Confront Slumlord

From South Bay Solidarity Network/IWW

On Monday, August 31st, the tenants of 81 and 148 E William St with the backing of the San Jose Solidarity Network and supporters confronted slumlord James Arthur Campagna of J Arthur Properties and Plaza Loans over his failure to fix the deplorable conditions at these buildings.


The tenants with the backing of the San Jose Solidarity Network are seeking justice and habitable living conditions in their buildings from landlord James Arthur Campagna of J Arthur properties and CEO of Plaza Loans. The tenants of these buildings have been suffering through years of untreated heavy bedbug, roach, and rodent infestations, chronically neglected repairs endangering their health and safety, damages to their furniture and personal property, as well as an unresponsive and bullying on-site manager that have rendered these buildings unfit for human occupancy.


Since delivering an initial letter of demands approximately two months ago, not only have James Arthur Campagna and his authorized agents failed to address these deplorable conditions, but even pest control company hired to spray the building was revealed to have a suspended license. All this is occurring while the landlord collects an estimated $60,000 to $70,000 of monthly rent revenues from the building, and has raised the rent annually.

The tenants have joined together in a struggle for dignity, justice, and to get the building safe and healthy for habitation. We will continue to take collective action until these problems are adequately addressed.

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