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Sep 26, 17

Self-Organization and Rage Against State and Capitalist Robbery and Speculation

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On the 32nd anniversary of the earthquake of 1985, again the government and political class have shown their inability to respond, and their intentions of political gain, in the face of tragedy. The alarm in the city did not sound because the force of nature cannot be controlled. The city is not exempt. There, governmental negligence and their claims to absolute truth, allow hundreds of real estate projects concessions in Mexico City with the purpose of private profit. The other objective is to keep the city growing, regardless of the lack of water, insufficient transportation, collapsing communication infrastructure and the risks of contamination. Remember what Miguel Ángel Mancera said:

“Encourage investment that generates sources of work and income for a better quality of life…grow in a planned and ordered manner, because the city can continue toward modernity, but taking advantage of spaces in which sustainability is fundamental…The development of housing should be directed toward vertical living, with the use of multiple or mixed soil. If houses and buildings are continually constructed for residential use, there is no possibility that the people will receive the services that are necessary; for example, stores, dry cleaners, etc. The people cannot be isolated in housing projects and city-dorm rooms, where they don’t have anything, like the districts that are being made in the state of Mexico, that do not have any services.”

– Interview given to the magazine Real Estate, No. 82, 2012.

The earthquake of September 19th shows once again that the government does not have the capacity to govern nor to save lives. It is autonomous and solidarity society, starting with compassion (shared suffering and shared pain), who organize. As thousands of people, we have been able to help each other amongst equals, practicing horizontality, leaving aside the killer government and giving what we have.

Food and medicine is being organized everywhere; people waiting to be called to zones where they are removing rubble; hundreds of architects and engineers making themselves available to evaluate the removal of the rubble; hundreds of families, women and children delivering food to communities in the areas of disaster; masons, students, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, people without profit, without pay, working day and night in common. There is no chaos. Disagreements exist, but the self-organized solidarity is the greatest expression of the anarchy of the people. With the fist raised high, working silently, without government and command, without police and military.

The authority says, go home! And the anonymous continue working. The government wants to generate mistrust or incapacity because thousands of eyes can see everything. The government wants to administer the tragedy as a campaign for political capital. They ask us to leave so as to invent histories and to generate soap operas from the tragedy, to hang medals over their own necks in order to change the face of the killer government stained with thousands of disappearances and executions. We know of their intentions; the anonymous, we have our eyes wide open. The earthquake also shook our consciousness.

We will not stop with the support. We will not stop going to the affected zones. We will not stop helping in the shelters. There will be difficult weeks and months. We will join our work centers and schools, but we will not let the army demolish the buildings with people inside, alive or not. The bodies are also ours. They are of our families. We will not let them be part of a list of disappearances knowing that they can be removed. We will not let them administer and control our pain, taking from us our power.

Mexican Anarchist Federation (FAM)

September 21, 2017

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