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Apr 28, 17

SoCal Slaps Against the State/Fascism

On April 16th, with a few friends around 30-50 stickers. With differing slogans and illustrations (all sharing the same main principles of anarchism and anti-trump sentiment) went around the cities of Riverside and San Bernardino (taking photos of some work in instances we were afforded time to stay.) We were filled with the spirit to reclaim some of the blank space around our community, as well as hopefully making some people think.
We do this is as simple resistance, for hatred of the system and the apolitical mainstream public which allows it to function smoothly. We continue to do this as we always will but we now do it under a name…For which we hope all similar artists, taggers, or any anarchists alike will join hand in hand with the rest of us..

Reclaim the streets
Awaken the mainstream public
We ask for you to take a stand with us..take action and retake public spaces under one name..We are the Anarchists for Public Propaganda Agitation
We will be waiting for you

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