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Apr 16, 19

Sold to the State: Texas Anarchist Needs Support

Call to support anarchist from Denton County, Texas, Andy.

April 10, 2019 state terrorists captured anarchist artist Andy. After months of evading the pigs, he was finally caught. After years of homelessness, his mother asked for his help at her shop hinting at the possibility of a long-term job, when he arrived, Denton County sprung their trap. He is currently being held without bond.

Andy is a longtime anarchist and active for years in struggles and mutual aid projects all around the metroplex, as well as stood in solidarity and provided material support to anarchists all around the world.

Free Andy PDF Poster

His support often came at a cost to his own safety and comfort. As an Iraq War veteran, Andy suffers from post-traumatic stress and has self-medicated with drugs to deal with the symptoms. Most of the last decade he has spent homeless or crashing on couches, going from job to job. The only consistent thing in his life is Andy’s dedication to the struggle.

Andy is at risk while incarcerated because he is outspoken about his politics and suffers from mental illness. His family’s willingness to cooperate with the State and arrange his capture intensifies his need for solidarity at this time. We ask for funds to support his defense, and commissary while he is being held a prisoner of the class war.

From Andy’s comrades in Texas to his supporters around the world thank you for your solidarity and love!

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