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Jul 12, 16

St. Paul: Noise Demo For I-94 Shutdown Arrestees

Submitted to It’s Going Down

On Sunday night a small gathering of anarchists and other supporters of the anti-police movement in the Twin Cities gathered outside the Ramsey County Adult Detention Center. After a short speech was given to the independent media journalist collective Unicorn Riot was given explaining the reasons for the noise demo, fireworks were lit and chanting began.

“Our passion for freedom is stronger than your prisons!”

“No justice, no peace! Fuck the police!”

“No nations, no borders, fuck law and order!”

Following reports from comrades who were incarcerated inside the Ramsey County ADC, it was discovered that the entire jail had been put on lockdown but cheers of support were spreading from cell to cell during the noise demo. COs attempting to clamp down and punish our comrades behind bars failed, as the show of solidarity from the outside inspired our friends inside.


It was also discovered that a full riot squad had been assembled in a courtyard near the jail. One comrade was briefly detained by police and issued a citation for the fireworks, showing the laughably petty levels the State will go to in order to discourage dissent. A small fine for a fireworks display is well worth showing support and solidarity to arrested comrades!

While this noise demo was specifically to show solidarity for those arrested and charged with misdemeanor riot for shutting down I-94 after the unjust killing of Philando Castile, it follows a time honored tradition of showing support for incarcerated comrades.

We stand with all prisoners in resistance to the state! We stand with migrants in resistance to the arbitrary separation of our species from each other by meaningless border walls!

We stand with our anti-fascist comrades who stood up to the Traditionalist Worker Party and Golden State Skinheads in Sacramento!

We stand with the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee and the nationwide prisoner strike planned for September 9th!

We stand with all of our comrades in arms in the struggle against white supremacy, police violence, patriarchy, fascism, and the State!



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