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Jun 13, 23

Statement in Solidarity with the Atlanta Solidarity Fund

Statement from several bail-funds in solidarity with the Atlanta Solidarity Fund in so-called Atlanta, Georgia.

We are Massachusetts Bail Fund, Michigan Solidarity Bail Fund and NorCal Resist.

In response to the abhorrent and desperate arrests of the Atlanta Solidarity Fund 3 by the state of Georgia on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, we stand unafraid. With strong backing and funding from the National Bail Fund Network, along with the support of the 90+ bail funds across the country, we have posted bond for the Atlanta Solidarity Fund 3 and will post it for two protesters who have only recently been granted bond after three months of pretrial incarceration.

As bail funds, we bring with us the experiences of carceral systems survivors.We bring with us our organizational experiences as the continued survivors of state repression. We stand on the shoulders of movement lineages that have built swift and resilient responses to attacks on civil rights. Our day-to-day work ensures that people can make bail and avoid the disastrous outcomes of pre-trial and immigration detention. Our long term vision is resourced, dignified lives for everyone where cash bail and pre-trial detention don’t exist. Our work is community care, and is not a crime!

The criminalization of our neighbors for being poor, unhoused, substance users, or people who struggle with mental health is directly connected to the criminalization of freedom fighters who are demanding a better world for them and for us all. Arresting and jailing those who work for freedom is a cyclical tactic used by the state to limit collective struggles and intimidate people and movements into submission.

We have come together to post these bonds because an attack on one of us, is an attack on all of us. Free Them All.




Massachusetts Bail Fund @massbailfund

Michigan Solidarity Bail Fund michigansolidaritybailfund

NorCal Resist nor_calresist

National Bail Fund Network @bailfundnetwork

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