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Mar 6, 17

Taking Out the Trash in Richmond, VA: Fuck the TWP

After getting a text from friends about a hundred or so Traditionalist Worker’s Party stickers that had been found at the new foot bridge, we decided to take a little stroll and clean up the bullshit. Considering we know he recently placed an order of about a thousand new fancy stickers, we can only assume the culprit to be Richmond’s very own Derrick Davis. Derrick is a young VCU student who just can’t seem to make friends. He has blown through Richmond’s goth scene, then the libertarian and anarcho-capitalist cult of Liberate RVA, and now has taken an explicitly white nationalist turn into the TWP. Derrick can’t seem to maintain ties to anyone in real life, so he has chosen to be a lone Eeyore for Matt Heimbach and his neo-fascist political party.

Derrick’s car had a date with a knife. From his Facebook.

Well, he can’t even do that right. Since he never seems to stray far from the VCU campus, we can only assume that on his way back from the failed Corey Stewart #March4Trump rally he stopped to drop some stickers on the bridge. We promptly took care of them, and could see that some others had already been to work on a few. They made for a nice little fire on a chilly day on the James.

Derrick at the failed Trump rally.

We won’t let you trash our city Derrick. Fuck you, your faith, and your family too. Our resistance burns.

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