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Sep 9, 22

TERFs Successfully Deplatformed in Pittsburgh

Report back on action against TERF rally in so-called Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

About a dozen Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs) came to Pittsburgh’s City-County Building today for a “speakers corner.” TL;DR – they failed miserably. Despite being protected by over twice their number of cops their message of hate was impossible for even the most attentive passer-by to discern, thanks to the noise making efforts of counter-protesters. The TERFs were scheduled to start at 3:00, but both they and the antifascist counter-protesters showed up early, hoping to be first to the spot.

The TERFs set up their microphone and amp at the top of the steps on the Forbes Ave. side, while a much larger group of antifascists got in their faces, screaming and banging on pots and pans and drums. The original contingent of five cops could only form a small line in front of the TERFs (facing the counter-protesters, of course) and had to be reinforced in stages. First to arrive was a handful of bike cops, followed after some time by a larger group that had obviously been pulled off patrol duty.

With his forces finally assembled, the head pig sergeant demanded that the counter-protesters move back (as opposed to moving the TERFs, of course). Even his bullhorn was hard to hear over the noise, and he moved further up the steps to repeat himself, to zero effect. Finally the entire police contingent formed a line and pushed the antifascists back to the other end of the plaza.

For a second it looked like the TERFs might be able to make themselves heard, but most of the people with noisemakers walked down the steps and back toward the TERFs on the sidewalk – where the cops let them stay. The rest of the crowd remained where they were, tying up the majority of the cops. Even from a slightly greater distance, the noisemakers were able to easily drown out the TERFs’ anemic amplifier.

After an hour or so of futile screaming, the TERFs had had enough. They packed up their stuff and were escorted out the back door of the building by the cops. No arrests or injuries were reported.

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