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Dec 1, 21

This Week in Fascism #123: Proud Boys, Patriots and White Nationalists See Rittenhouse Verdict as Signal From State for More Murder


Welcome fellow antifascists!

So much to cover! The Rittenhouse verdict reminds us that the courts uphold what we already know: that the State is deputizing the far-Right to act an an auxiliary force against social movements from below. The verdict has also stroked the murderous imaginations of the far-Right – who dream of the State calling upon them to kill in its name.

This week we also look at recent action reports, Tucker Carlson’s new fascist fever dream made possible by white nationalist buddies, a former neo-Nazi skinhead in the DOJ, drama in Qanon land, and much more.

There’s so much to go over, so let’s dive right in!

Action Report

In Baltimore, a small protest assembled to counter former Breitbart troll Milo Yiannopoulos, who continues to try and rehabilitate himself as an anti-LGBTQ crusader who supports “conversation therapy.” In California, Jon Minadeo, the leader of the neo-Nazi group, the Goyim Defense League, stated in a video that he is trying to move out of his parents house after it was vandalized. In the rural town of Grants Pass in the Pacific Northwest, students organized a walk-out to protest the re-hiring of two anti-trans staff members.

An antifascist in the Portland area who was facing heavy charges for disarming a member of the American Guard armed with a hammer at an antifascist rally in the summer of 2019 has had their charges dropped. Also, the city of Portland is set to pay $125,000 to a protester who was shot in the back of the head with a live munition after police opened fire against antifascist demonstrators in the summer of 2018.


California Town Declares Itself “Constitutional Republic” in face of COVID-19 Mandates

A town in Northern California with a population of about 20K people has voted to declare itself a “Constitutional Republic,” in opposition to COVID-19 vaccine mandates. In an interview with Fox News, Vice Mayor Scott Thompson stated, “Every time you lose your freedom…usually it takes bloodshed to get it back.”

Far-Right and White Nationalists Praise Rittenhouse Verdict and Weaponize Deadly Tragedy in Waukesha

Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, Boogaloo boys, and the Patriot movement are feeling emboldened by the recent court decision to not charge Kyle Rittenhouse in the murder of several Black Lives Matter protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year. Speaking in an interview in Salon, far-Right researcher David Neiwart wrote:

This desire for a civil war and other political violence is not just coming from the open white nationalists and neo-Nazis and racists. It is also coming from what I would call the “Patriot” right. These are the Trumpians — the people who believe that the 2020 election was stolen, the people who believe COVID is a Chinese hoax.

This isn’t an unusual conversation in these circles. Unfortunately, not enough people are paying attention to what is happening among these people. They are all polishing their guns and getting ready.

The Rittenhouse verdict is going to be a big green light and beacon for the right-wing extremists, and especially the Patriot right. It’s just a big signal: You can do this and get away with it. You can gun down leftists at these protests.

The local level is where they are very active right now. The radical right, particularly the neofascist elements such as the Proud Boys and Three Percenters, the street-brawling thugs and militiamen who show up in body armor and with weapons, are doing exactly what Kyle Rittenhouse did, but on a larger scale.

These groups, for the most part, do not live in the cities where protests are taking place. They travel to these cities and organize acts of thuggery against the residents who live there. There is a perfect storm here in America where the corporate news media does not do accurate reporting on these events and instead engages in both-sides-ism.

Far-Right conspiracy websites like The Gateway Pundit have predictably used the Rittenhouse trial to push baseless lies. Meanwhile, neo-Nazi groups like Patriot Front have openly embraced Kyle Rittenhouse as a symbol; putting him on stickers and banners. Others on the far-Right saw their own murderous fantasies play out through Rittenhouse’s actions. According to Newsweek:

Brien James, a co-founder of the hardcore racist skinhead gang [the Vindlanders, and current Proud Boy leader], celebrated the verdict with his hundreds of subscribers. James added in the caption: “No f**** given. I’d kill every one of you communists and eat a cheeseburger while I prepare your body for disposal. No remorse. No quarter. That’s what’s coming for you.”

Other Proud Boys also took the verdict as a green light for more murder. As NPR reported:

In one Telegram channel for the far-right Proud Boys, some noted they had taken the day off work to await the verdict. “There’s still a chance for this country,” wrote one. In another channel, a member stated that political violence must continue. “The left wont stop until their bodied get stacked up like cord wood,” he wrote.

Racist and fascist groups are also rushing to weaponize the recent tragedy in Waukesha, after Darrell Brooks Jr., who is Black, was arrested after driving through a holiday parade and tragically killing six people and horrifically injuring dozens more. Far-Right online grifters like Tim Pool and Andy Ngo attempted to paint this as a “political” act, pointing to social media content shared by Brooks about George Floyd and other major news stories from major outlets like TMZ as proof that Brooks was a Black Lives Matter militant and carried out the attack to specifically target “white people.”

According to the Daily Beast:

For now, there are no indications of any additional motive for driving his SUV through the parade, or any reasons to label it domestic terrorism, Waukesha police chief Daniel Thompson said in a press conference Monday afternoon. “We are confident that he acted alone,” Thompson added.

But a quick glance on social media would find an entirely different narrative playing out. Scores of accounts, some with hundreds of thousands of followers, are either insinuating or stating outright Brooks was in some way a member of Black Lives Matter, or had been inspired by the civil rights group. Others suggested without evidence this was the first shot in a looming race war, or that Brooks’s alleged crimes were somehow an act of retribution days after Kyle Rittenhouse was declared not guilty.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a QAnon-friendly and vaccine-hesitant member of Congress, tweeted, “we must ask if [BLM] incited the mass murder.”

None of those posts, or others floating around online and purportedly shared by Brooks, display anything resembling participation in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ngo also included another suggestion that bears little resemblance to reality. “He also has a post about how to get away with running people over on the street,” he tweeted. This is, at best, inflammatory and misleading. Yes, in 2016, Brooks shared a post from an ex-Minneapolis sargeant who’d encouraged citizens to run over BLM protesters, saying they could get off scot-free by calling 911 and claiming BLM had a “propensity towards violence.” Anyone with a cursory knowledge of the story would easily realize Brooks was condemning the cop. Ngo left all of that information out. Instead, in another tweet in the thread, he stripped away the context to quote Brooks saying: “Run them over. Keep traffic flowing & don’t slow down for any of these idiots.”

While Ngo’s tweets have made the rounds online, no reputable outlets have seen fit to cite them to date. One “reactionary social media performer” with his own large following did, though. Tim Pool, a hugely popular YouTuber with a bent for whitewashing the far-right, put out a video Monday morning. His main source was Ngo’s tweets. In it, Pool made sure to couch his statements about Brooks, saying nothing had been confirmed regarding any connection to BLM. People should wait when commenting on a breaking news story, especially one involving crime, Pool advised, as it often takes time to sort fact from fiction. And any implication Brooks was motivated by politics should be rejected, he said, not long before flatly asserting that Brooks has “ties to Black Lives Matter.” Part of the title of the video states the “Person Of Interest Detained Is BLM Supoorter.” [sic}

In an attempt to jump on the band wagon given traction by the various MAGA grifters, the National Justice Party, a group of neo-Nazis who we discussed in the last column, held a demonstration in Waukesha in an effort to capitalize off of this narrative.

Truthout Reports More Active Members of Law Enforcement Found in Oath Keeper Leaks

In our last installment of This Week in Fascism, we linked to an article expanding on recent information leaked from the far-Right militia, the Oath Keepers. Truthout is now reporting that individuals from the Chicago Police Department, the New York Police Department, and the Los Angeles Sheriff Department are all included in the group’s membership. Additionally, at least 200 of the nearly 40,000 person roster included current and former law enforcement. From the report:

One of the group’s primary stated goals is to build militias in the U.S. by stockpiling military equipment and holding paramilitary trainings. The group’s members trained for months in the lead up to the armed attempted coup on January 6, according to documents from the Department of Justice. Earlier this year, a leader of the group said that active police officers help the group with paramilitary training.

Moreover, ProPublica reported:

ProPublica identified Clampitt and 47 more state and local government officials on the list, all Republicans: 10 sitting state lawmakers; two former state representatives; one current state assembly candidate; a state legislative aide; a city council assistant; county commissioners in Indiana, Arizona and North Carolina; two town aldermen; sheriffs or constables in Montana, Texas and Kentucky; state investigators in Texas and Louisiana; and a New Jersey town’s public works director.

ProPublica’s analysis also found more than 400 people who signed up for membership or newsletters using government, military or political campaign email addresses, including candidates for Congress and sheriff, a retired assistant school superintendent in Alabama, and an award-winning elementary school teacher in California.

The continued participation of law enforcement and government officials in far-Right groups tired directly to reactionary violence, shows once again the degree in which the State is giving the far-Right a pass and using it as a useful tool against autonomous social struggles and movements for liberation.

MAGA Infighting Erupts as Qanon Supporter General Flynn Walks Back on Movement

In a leaked recorded call between former Trump national security advisor General Flynn and Trump’s pro-Qanon lawyer, Lin Wood, Flynn remarked about Qanon:

I think it’s a disinformation campaign that the CIA created. That’s what I believe. Now, I don’t know that for a fact, but that’s what I think it is. I think it’s a disinformation campaign.

Even more concerning, according to the Daily Beast:

In the call, Flynn promises to send Wood an article about QAnon’s failure to come true. Based on text messages from Flynn that Wood also published on his Telegram account, the article Flynn referenced on the call was a Nov. 2 article by white supremacist radio host Hal Turner that endorsed the idea of mass violence.

In the blog post that Flynn apparently cited, Turner ridicules QAnon believers who traveled to Dallas believing the John F. Kennedy Jr. would appear. Turner wrote that Trump supporters would repeatedly look like fools “until something like a mass slaughter happens,” writing that the JFK Jr. debacle was caused because people were “too cowardly to stand up, pick up guns, and go kill the people” Turner falsely claimed stole the election.

These comments come after years of Flynn cozying up to pro-Qanon figures, echoing Qanon slogans, and speaking at Qanon linked events and conferences. According to Rolling Stone:

Flynn’s disbelief, however, has not stopped him from profiting off of the Q conspiracy. In 2016 shortly after Trump’s election, Flynn said that “army of digital soldiers” got Trump into office. Flynn trademarked the phrase “digital soldiers,” which later became a rallying cry for the Q movement. Even as recently as this summer, he spoke at a conference attended by QAnon believers — the “For God & and Country Patriot Roundup” — where he appeared to endorse the violent overthrow of the U.S. government. In 2017, Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his conversations with then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Flynn’s support for Qanon goes back years. As the Intercept wrote:

Most media outlets treated Flynn’s videotaped oath last summer, in which he uttered a well-known QAnon slogan, as a sort of coming-out story about a onetime Trump insider who had gone off the rails. The video has since become the subject of a lawsuit by members of Flynn’s family who claim that “left-wing media outlets began to spread false narratives” about the Flynn family’s connections to QAnon. An Intercept investigation has found that Flynn’s ties to the QAnon phenomenon stretch back much further than the July 4 weekend last year when the video first appeared, however, to the days immediately following Trump’s 2016 election victory.

That November, nearly a year before the first cryptic clue from QAnon’s organizers – known as a “Q drop” — appeared on the online message board 4chan, Flynn told a roomful of Trump supporters that the president-elect had been borne into office by an “army of digital soldiers.” The phrase “digital soldiers,” which Flynn later trademarked, has become a central QAnon rallying cry and a key indicator of the movement’s growing turn toward violent extremism and insurrection.

Lin Wood has been burning bridges with others within MAGA world in recent weeks. As Rolling Stone noted:

Wood, who has been feuding recently with fellow Trump allies, released the recording of the nearly 24-minute call with Flynn on his Telegram channel. Wood has been in a downward spiral ever since Kyle Rittenhouse, the far-right darling recently acquitted of homicide for killing people at a racial justice protest, said that Wood had “taken advantage” of him and left him in jail unnecessarily when he briefly represented him. On Friday night, he released a recording of a phone call between himself and another Trump ally, former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne. In the call, Wood claimed that Stop the Steal — the organization formed to help Trump overturn the 2020 election — “is a Deep State organization to raise money for purposes other than to FIX 2020.”

If this infighting, or recent events like JFK Jr. not showing up in Texas on the account of being dead for a long time makes any dent in the movement – remains to be seen.

Undercover Veteran Says Three Percenter Leaders Asked Him to Kill Antifascists and Black Liberation Activists

Veteran Kristofer Goldsmith claims to have infiltrated the far-Right militia movement, the Three Percenters, and during the initiation process, was asked by leadership if he would be willing to kill antifascists and Black Liberation activists. According go Raw Story:

“During the screening, using basically my real profile as an Iraq veteran as background, they’re asking me questions about my weapon system, my secondary, meaning my handgun, how I was prepared to use it. What I would do in different tactical scenarios. They specifically asked, and I made recordings because these people are idiots, they were explicitly asking would you kill someone from Antifa or Black Lives Matter. This wasn’t an anomaly.”

The fact that killing their political opponents represents the baseline for joining such groups shows the degree in which mass political violence lies at the core of the far-Right.

Proud Boys Invade School Boards and Hold Marches in New York, LA, and Beyond

The Daily Beast reports that the Cape Fear chapter of the pro-Trump, neo-fascist group, the Proud Boys, showed up to pressure members of the New Hanover Health and Human Services Board, to overturn their mask mandate on Friday, November 12th. In an act of complete intimidation, Proud Boys showed up wearing masks and uniforms, “vowing to ramp up pressure on authorities” while the board voted 8-4 to end the mandate. Instead of voting on an extension, the measure was rolled back for North Carolina’s most populous county. One member of the group insisted that masks are “child abuse,” and then instigated the crowd to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Earlier in the week, the Proud Boys showed up to a school board meeting having a similar vote. When asked about their presence:

“If our presence escalates that pressure and makes it to the point where we become a distraction to conducting business and they just change the mask mandate so we go away, that’s a win.”

School board members that night opted to delay a decision ahead of the health board’s Friday meeting.

Those who oppose the rollbacks are deeply concerned about how a surge in COVID cases might continue to put undo pressure on healthcare workers, lead to more deaths, and endanger community members.

While news of the Proud Boys’ latest act of intimidation went viral and even got a mention on Saturday Night Live, in other cities the group took part in ongoing anti-vaccine rallies and marches and in Long Island, a group of about 20 Proud Boys took to the streets.

As David Neiwart wrote:

The Proud Boys continued to deploy their post-Jan. 6 strategy—that is, focusing their organizing around local right-wing protests and attaching their neofascist presence by providing “security”—this week by showing up to anti-vaccination marches in New York City and Los Angeles. They also turned up at a local school board meeting in a suburban Illinois village to intimidate officials over LGBTQ-friendly books in their school library.

As the Proud Boys attempt to hold the MAGA coalition together and ready it for another J6 grab at power, the need for broad organizing against them and the creation of mass anti-racist and antifascist coalitions is greater than ever.

Member Of Neo-Nazi Terror Group, The Base, Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Conspiring to Kill Antifascist Couple

Michael Helterbrand, member of neo-Nazi accelerationist terror group The Base, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and gang charges in a plot to kill a Bartow County couple and was subsequently sentenced to 20 years in prison followed by a 20 year probation. Helterbrand and his co-defendants Jacob Kaderli and Luke Lane, plotted to kill the couple after they were labeled online as antifascist activists. All three members of the Base have been held without bail at a Floyd County jail for two years.

Rome News Tribune reports:

Since then, Helterbrand has racked up numerous other charges concerning weapons, damage to property, a fight and sexual assault at the jail.

Helterbrand, alongside six other people identified by jail officials as Ghostface Gangsters, were charged in the stabbing, sexual assault and burning of another Floyd County Jail inmate on Dec. 18, 2020.

Helterbrand’s violence behind bars and apparent affiliation with white prison gangs will likely lead to extended sentences.

Infowars Director With Connections to Epik and America First Purchased Domain Named After Christchurch Shooter

SPLC’s Hatewatch released an article indicating that Infowars Information Technology Director Michael Zimmerman purchased the web-domain tarrantmanifest./com within hours of the Christchurch massacre. Information obtained from the leaked Epik data shows that Zimmerman, who was working as an executive for Alex Jones at the time, purchased the Epik domain just hours after Brenton Tarrant livestreamed himself walking into the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand and murdering 51 Muslim congregants on March 14th, 2019.

According to Hatewatch:

Zimmermann departed his director-level position at Infowars in March, according to his Linkedin account, but he appears to still work with Jones. Zimmermann signed an affidavit on Sept. 13, as part of the Sandy Hook defamation lawsuit against Jones and Infowars’ parent company Free Speech Systems LLC, claiming that he had continued to work as a consultant for the company.

Zimmerman has connections to a trifecta of far-Right media including Alex Jones’ Infowars, Rob Monster’s web-hosting company Epik, and white nationalist Nick Fuentes’ web series America First:

A small network of technical personnel backs Zimmermann in his work, and together, they bridge three platforms of critical importance to the fringe and pro-Trump far right: Infowars; Epik, a web-hosting company popular among the extreme right; and Nick Fuentes’ “America First” show, a nightly livestream featuring commentary from the 23-year-old attendee of the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally. Zimmermann himself appears to straddle these three groups. His account on the messaging service Keybase suggests that he serves as part of Nick Fuentes’ America First development team. He also joined Epik, the company from which he bought the domain, as the director of enterprise systems sometime in March 2021, according to his LinkedIn account and a bio he used on Twitter.

Jones, Monster, and Fuentes have all referenced Zimmerman but the connections between the companies don’t end with him, Hatewatch reports:

Hatewatch found 12 different people working together in a technical capacity across America First, Infowars, Epik and a livestreaming platform called, recently purchased by Epik. Over a span of 25 months starting in 2019, these individuals cumulatively registered approximately 212 different domains with Epik and organized eight different limited liability companies (LLCs). Zimmermann registered most of the domains and LLCs and appears to have the longest-standing ties to this tech network supporting these far right media companies.

Check out the article for the full story and details on their far-Right network.

Tucker Carlson Uses White Nationalist Film Maker For J6 “Documentary”

Darren Beattie SOURCE: YouTube

Tucker Carlson has a new “documentary” out about the attempted pro-Trump coup on January 6th, which paints it as both a possible false flag and as an opportunity by the State to roundup “Patriots” in a new war on terror that uses fighting “white supremacists” as cover.

As the HuffPost wrote:

“Patriot Purge” is deeply conversant with far-right mythologies about Jan. 6 and broader fantasies about supposed persecution of far-right groups by the federal government. That’s not surprising, considering who worked on the series: Carlson co-wrote “Patriot Purge” with a man who previously produced white nationalist movies, and the series counts two white nationalists among its protagonists.

Carlson’s narration is shot through with coded terminology: In the first episode, he describes the arrest of Jan. 6 rioters as the precursor to a “purge” of “legacy Americans.”

Darren Beattie is the first person interviewed in “Patriot Purge,” warning the viewer that “the domestic war on terror is here. It’s coming after half the country.”

Beattie made headlines in 2018 after he was forced out of the Trump White House when CNN revealed he’d spoken at a white supremacist conference. Since then, Beattie has openly allied himself with white supremacists — most notably Nick Fuentes — frequently promoting them online. He once tweeted, “If white people are targeted as a group, they must learn to defend themselves as a group.”

After being fired from the White House for attending a white nationalist conference, Beattie was hired by Matt Gaetz, who funneled thousands in public funds to him. As Politico reported in 2020:

Gaetz, a close ally of President Donald Trump from the Florida Panhandle, improperly sent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to a limited liability company linked to a speech-writing consultant who was ousted from the Trump administration, in direct conflict with House rules.

Huffpost goes on to write:

The co-writer for the docuseries is a man named Scooter Downey, who directed movies for white nationalists before joining Fox Nation as a writer. As reported by The Daily Beast, Downey directed a documentary called “Crossfire” starring Lauren Southern, the Canadian alt-right activist best known for teaming up with European neo-fascists on a cruel mission to stop boats from rescuing refugees stranded in the Mediterranean.

Downey has also directed a live-action movie called “Rebel’s Run” based on a comic book written by Theodore Robert Beale, aka Vox Day, an alt-right artist who once wrote that “Western civilization” rests on “white tribalism, white separatism, and especially white Christian masculine rule.”

Carlson has a long history of working with and employing white nationalists on his show and at the Daily Caller. See a deep dive, here.

DOJ Official Discovered To Have Ties With Neo-Nazi Terrorists


Daily Kos reports that Brian P. Haughton, a neo-Nazi skinhead who played in White Power bands throughout the 90’s is currently holding a federal counter-terrorism position with the Department of Justice (DOJ). This revelation has come to light following the release of a Helen Christophi’s deep dive on Haughton published by Progressive Magazine.

Christophi writes:

Neo-Nazis still talk about Brian P. Haughton. He played drums in Arresting Officers, one of the biggest neo-Nazi punk bands of the late 1980s and early 1990s. They churned out dozens of violent skinhead anthems before Haughton became a Philadelphia police officer in 1995.

Now Haughton works in domestic counter-terrorism for the U.S. Department of Justice. He has access to sensitive intelligence used by more than 1,000 federal agencies and police departments in all fifty states to stop attacks by white supremacists—the deadliest domestic terrorist movement in the United States, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security.

Daily Kos writes:

Among the people that Haughton associated with then were members of the Aryan Republican Army, a neo-Nazi terrorist band responsible for robbing a series of 22 banks in the Midwest between 1994 and 1996. Some of its members were connected to Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, and witnesses placed them in close proximity to McVeigh in April 1995, just before McVeigh’s truck bomb destroyed the Murrah Federal Building and killed 168 people.

This is yet another example of people with far-Right ties and beliefs holding law enforcement jobs with access to highly sensitive information and the ability to target specific communities, groups, and movements. With white supremacist violence being one of single biggest threat to folks living in the so-called United States, it’s alarming to think about how someone who’s Nazi song lyrics can be found with a simple google search could pass the screening in order to hold his current position. His band was called “Arresting Officer” and, Christophi states:

The band’s name alluded to the racist belief that arresting officers have the best job on the force: They’re the ones who get to kick the crap out of Black people.

For more information and background on Haughton, head over to Daily Kos and click here to visit the full report.


Hardy Lloyd, White Supremacist Murderer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club (EFJBGC) has released the identity of white nationalist Hardy Lloyd of Pittburgh, Pennsylvania. Lloyd, who served time in prison for killing his girlfriend “just to watch her die” and he served additional time for white supremacist organizing and calling for attacks on Jewish people. Since his release, he founded a white nationalist website and regularly posts blogs and organized mail campaigns to eleven US cities. Recent blog posts indicate that he is still committed to antisemitic white nationalism. Please consider following these instructions and reporting Hardy’s website for violating Tucow’s terms of service.

Allison Richard Jack Peirce IV, Head of Security for Unite the Right of Indianapolis, Indiana

Anonymous Comrades Collective have identified a key Unite the Right rally organizer and former Identity Evropa member going by the name of Allison Richard Jack Peirce IV aka “Ajax.” Photos and leaked Discord chats indicate Peirce’s involvement in planning and security for UtR. The city of Charlottesville commissioned a report on the rally and in that report, they named “Jack Pierce” as the head of security for Richard Spencer and indicated that he coordinated closely with the Charlottesville Police Department. Click the link to the blog for all the details.

Luke M. Brandon, Christian Identity Neo-Nazi from Libby, Montana

Redoubt AFA brings us the info on Christian Identity neo-Nazi Luke M. Brandon from Libby, Montana. Brandon uses his various social media accounts on a handful of platforms to espouse white nationalist, misogynist, and antisemitic views to anyone who will listen. Our comrades in the so-called Redoubt produced screenshots of Brandon talking about his violent beliefs and were able to track and locate his recent whereabouts. Check out the blog for more information.

Robert Sunday, Proud Boy of Orangevale, California

Antifa Sacramento has come through with the identity of Orangevale, California Proud Boy Robert Alexander Sunday. Sunday, who is a former Marine, was documented as having participated in November 21st, 2020 Stop the Steal rally in Sacramento where a group of Proud Boys, including Sunday, marched to Cesar Chavez Park. The park is a home to many unhoused residents and before the march, the Proud Boys indicated they had planned to attack the folks there who would be unprepared to defend themselves. Sunday was among the most violent of the group and his violence that day was captured on camera. Head over to the blog for the full details.

Travis Howard, White Supremacist State Trooper of Abingdon, Virginia

Ruthless We have identified another member of the private Facebook group “It’s okay to be white,” as Abingdon, VA State Trooper Travis Howard. The group is a cesspool of neo-Nazi imagery, antisemitism and white supremacist content. Though Howard’s membership in the group seems to be passive at this point, he hasn’t yet posted in the group, he has liked violent and problematic content posted by others.

Scott Nussbaum, Proud Boy of College Station, Texas

Ruthless brings us a second Proud Boy dox of Scott Nussbaum from College Station, Texas. Nussbaum spends his free time on Telegram espousing calls for violence against trans people and others. The Harris County Proud Boys Telegram group that Nussbaum is a member of is a cesspool of neo-Nazi content including calls for murder.

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