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Nov 22, 21

Anarchist Prisoner Dan Baker Moved to Tennessee; Addresses Supporters; “Please Send Letters and Books to Read!”

Anarchist prisoner Dan Baker issues a statement after being moved to a facility in Memphis, Tennessee. View below how to send books and donations to Baker. Listen to a discussion on This Is America about his case.

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Hello Everyone!

This is a group message to all my friends and family. I am now in Memphis and this is my address:

Daniel Alan Baker #25765-509
FCI Memphis
P.O. Box 34550
Memphis, TN 38184

Please send letters and books to read! I lost most of my books because the mail room refused to send them with me. I was only allowed to keep 5 books out of nearly 100! I really need books because I am on lockdown here for no good reason – they said it was quarantine at first but we all challenged that because most of us are vaccinated, having been told we would not be quarantined if we got vaccinated. Then medical staff tried documenting that we all “refused to vaccinate” – but we are already documented as vaccinated! I have a vaccine card with the date I was vaccinated at FDC Tallahassee, and it’s in the BOP database.

So now they are saying it’s because they don’t have enough beds here. So if they don’t have enough beds we should not be locked in our cells 24/7 for 3 days at a time and only let out once every 72 hours for 30 minutes to call, shower and use the computer. This is exactly why they are closing the Atlanta US Penitentiary- they violated everyone’s constitutional rights. If they don’t have the room or resources to legally house so many inmates they should release nonviolent prisoners and people whose “crime” had no victim. So we are organizing to file informal and formal grievances, BP8, 9 and 10 forms.

We are not being provided with cleaning supplies and there is black mold growing in this unit, “Shelby-B.” I have not received my property with my few books I was allowed to keep, and my spiritual books and meditation beads from Tallahassee FDC. It took 9 months to get those. I have also not had access to dental floss for the past several weeks of being shuffled around the country – Tally to Atlanta, then back to Florida in Jacksonville Airport, then to Cimarron in Oklahoma then to FCI Memphis in Tennessee. Flying COn Air was a grueling experience as they only fed us 4 pieces of bread for a 12 hour trip. The marshals lost a guy and the other prisoners were ready to riot. The guards as Cimarron were walking out (4 of them quit and the place is being shut down for good) because they didn’t know we were coming and they didn’t have staff or room for us there.

At Cimarron they fed us honey buns from the store because they didn’t have food for us at first. I’m not supposed to eat food made with eggs and they didn’t accommodate my religious diet until the day before I left. I had to protest (peacefully) to get that. They also were refusing to treat two inmates with kidney stones and a diabetic man was not receiving diabetic meals or treatment there. Atlanta was the same, with 24/7 lockdowns and only letting us out for one hour every 72 hours. The guard here just yelled that I have 17 minutes left, and I haven’t been able to reach [people] on the phone and I don’t have anyone else’s phone number due to losing my contact book to Tallahassee FDC’s targeted harassment. I’ll try to write some down from the computer.

The commissary here has refused to fill our orders despite everyone seeing money on their accounts. They say they’ll do it next week, but they put a $30 restriction on new arrivals. Please tell everyone thank you for sending money, I am planning on buying some of the nice vitamins they sell here, much better than the vitamins at FDC Tallahassee and necessary for vegetarians with unhealthy prison food. I will also be buying cold weather clothes as they don’t provide enough clothes for people here and TN is very cold in the winter. It’s only fall and it’s already cold. I’ll also be replacing my drinking bottle because they refused to allow me to ship mine with my property.

Please send me contacts because the mail room at Tally FDC refused to allow me to add my address book to my property despite having receipts for it.

I have not heard back about the status of my appeals yet, but we are appealing my sentencing and conviction. I’d like to have a more involved part in that process.

I am applying for a job and for programs and education here, apprenticeships and job training.

I can receive visitors here so please come and visit! We get a max of 2 visitors at a time for 2 hours and there is no contact allowed.

I’m working out with my cell mate to get big and we are meditating!

Well I think that’s everything for now! Thank you for standing by me and for being my friends, family and comrades, and for being in my corner! It really means the world to me and I owe you big time.

Solidarity Forever!


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