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Mar 2, 20

This Week in Fascism #48: Scum of the Earth

Welcome, fellow antifascists! This week, we’ve got long-delayed news on chuds getting close-to fired from Colorado and Oregon, the arrests of five Atomwaffen members and another one going to jail; plus, doxxes of Proud Boys, Iron March members, and the inner workings of the neo-Nazi Feuerkrieg Division; and how you can help support antifascists in North Carolina who are literally on trial right now.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


One Year After Dox, Air Force Recommends Firing Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement Member Cory Reeves

322 days after US Air Force Master Sergeant Cory Reeves was doxxed by antifascists as a member of Identity Evropa, the Air Force has finally recommended discharging the hate group member.

Reeves was exposed as the Colorado State Coordinator of Identity Evropa via a joint investigation by Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists and Eugene Antifa in April 2019, after the publication of Identity Evropa’s Discord chat by independent media outlet Unicorn Riot in March 2019.

In September, Reeves was demoted one rank, to Technical Sergeant, but allowed to keep his employment.

In mid-February, during a House Armed Services subcommittee hearing, Robert Grabosky, deputy director of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, testified that “Mere membership [in a hate group] is not prohibited.” Unless “active participation” was shown, the matter would be dealt with by the service member’s commanding officer.

According to a 2017 Military Times poll, one in four military members reported seeing “examples of white nationalism” displayed by their fellow service members. (However, while only 18% of white soldiers reported noticing the phenomenon, 42% of their non-white counterparts did.)

In a 2019 followup, more than one-third of troops reported seeing white nationalist or white supremacist ideologies in the ranks.

Kudos to the activists and journalists who kept pressuring the Air Force to fire Reeves.

“Bike Nazi” Gregory Isaacson Finally Under Investigation After Harassing City Commissioner

383 days after being exposed as a Holocaust denier by Rose City Antifa, far-Right activist Gregory Isaacson is finally being investigated by the City of Portland.

Isaacson is fixture at far-Right events in Portland, often riding his bike in a purple suit-coat and matching Riddler-style bowler hat, earning him the nickname “Bike Nazi” among local antifascists. He is employed as an Analyst at Portland Parks and Recreation.

On Saturday, February 22nd, Isaacson was among a number of far-Right rally goers at an event organized by Haley Adams’ Portland’s Liberation, a Patriot Prayer spinoff. Isaacson was caught on camera shouting at City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, and the Portland Mercury reported that while off-camera, his “language towards women was deeply sexist and offensive.”

Last week, a complaint filed by Isaacson against antifascist activist Luis Marquez ended in a hung jury, with the state refusing to refile charges after a juror was exposed as a far-Right activist who had failed to disclose her beliefs after being specifically asked during jury selection.

Isaacson has a history of harassing leftist events in Portland, including having to be physically prevented from approaching a female DSA organizer at a pro-Palestine rights event in October. Isaacson was also forced to resign as Commander of an American Legion post following an uproar by the membership.

Patriot Front’s Samuel Cordova Pleads to Hate Crime

Patriot Front’s Samuel Cordova plead guilty to a hate crime charge this week, after vandalizing Denver’s BookBar for hosting a Drag Queen Story Time, a family event where (as the name implies) drag queens read storybooks to children.

Prior to the event, Cordova tagged the building with stickers advertising Patriot Front, a neo-Nazi group, in the hopes of intimidating the organizers. When the event was held anyway, Cordova showed up to graffiti the building before being chased away. When police caught him in a nearby alley, he reportedly had Patriot Front stickers in his backpack.

Cordova was also responsible for putting up the neo-Nazi stickers that an antifascist was attacked over and nearly murdered for removing in May 2019. In addition, Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists has documented his history of distributing revenge porn.

Cordova will receive 15 months probation.

Five Atomwaffen Members Arrested

Atomwaffen member Andrew Thomasberg received a one-year sentence this week, after pleading guilty to being a drug user in possession of firearms and for procuring a gun for another drug user. Five other Atomwaffen members were arrested on unrelated charges.

Johnny Roman Garza (Queen Creek, Arizona), Kaleb J. Cole (aka Khimaere, of Montgomery, Texas), Taylor Ashley Parker-Dipeppe (Spring Hill, Florida), and Cameron Brandon Shea (aka Krokodil, of Redmond, Washington) were arrested as part of a conspiracy to threaten journalists and activists, “especially Jews and other minorities,” according to the charging document.

Shea was also a member of The Base, whose members were recently charged with vandalizing a synagogue in Wisconsin, and planning the assassination of two people in Georgia.

Former Atomwaffen leader John Cameron Denton was charged Wednesday, along with with four other people associated with the Deadnet IRC channel, with “swatting” the ProPublica offices in retaliation for their reporting on Atomwaffen Division.

Now would also be a good time to revisit Northern California Anti-Racist Action’s piece, State Repression and Autonomous Anti-Fascism, going over why arrests of fascists and the far-Right aren’t a win for anti-fascists, nor do they signal the State taking a stand against white supremacy.

From the article:

The State is much less concerned about “keeping the public safe” from the threat of far-Right violence, than it is about keeping down the success of grassroots radical change. This is evidenced by the fact that when far-Right violence does happen, it is always presented as a fluke, or the work of just a few people. This is very unlike how the State responds to popular social movements as well as poor communities of color.

For instance, when 3%ers repeatedly attempt to murder people by blowing them up in racist bomb plots, one might think the State would label them gang members or terrorists and then have cause to pull over every chud with a Punisher sticker on the back of their truck. But of course, this doesn’t happen, however the State deems it as a necessary precaution for even a music subculture like Juggalos.

Everywhere across the social terrain we see this reality expand: as the label of either gang member or terrorist; an open invitation for the State to engage in the suspension of an individuals’ rights, movement, and freedoms, is slowly applied to both poor communities, especially those of color, and broad autonomous social movements. Thus, the Black Lives Matter tactic of blocking freeways becomes even more criminalized, as does the wearing of a mask by antifascists, or even simply stepping onto the private property of an oil pipeline, while the rhetoric of “terrorism” amps up and the ruling party presents itself as the chief victim within society.

Everywhere we see this reality permeating except against groups and movements on the far-Right. This is why an occasional ‘pound of flesh’ must be offered up to the public to show that the government is still paying attention, or to show the far-Right, in the case of someone like Timothy McVeigh, that the State will allow attacks on those below on the social hierarchy, but never above against the State’s own infrastructure.

Unite the Right Organizer Michael Chesny Arrested for Child Neglect

Unite the Right organizer Michael Chesny was arrested in October 2019, along with his wife, on charges of child neglect.

Chesny, who used the Discord name “Tyrone” in the Unite the Right planning chats, was kicked out of the Marines after being exposed by antifascist activist Emily Gorcenski in 2018.

A police report charges Chesny and his wife with “allowing the children to live in a home filled with trash, feces, urine, and/or rotten food,” along with other specific examples of the neglect of their six children.

“Crying Nazi” Chris Cantwell to Remain in Jail, Expected to Cry About It

Christopher “Crying Nazi” Cantwell will remain in custody on extortion charges until his trial begins in April after a failed bail hearing this week.

“[T]here are no conditions that will reasonably assure the safety of any other person and the community,” the judge wrote.

Cantwell is charged with extortion, after threatening to sexually assault the wife of white supremacist rapper “Cheddar Mane” unless he divulged the identity of Bowl Patrol leader “Vic Mackey.”

“Anti-Greta” Naomi Seibt Revealed as White Nationalist Supporter

Naomi Seibt, the “anti-Greta” climate skeptic paid by the conservative Heartland Institute, was revealed to be a supporter of white nationalist talking points, claiming that “ordinary Germans” receive less sympathy than Jews or Muslims and calling antisemite in a YouTube video and calling white nationalist Stefan Molyneux an “inspiration” at this week’s Conservative Political Action Conference, for which she was an invited speaker.


Neo-Nazi Feuerkrieg Division Exposed by Eugene Antifa

Eugene Antifa released a new article detailing the inner working of the Feuerkrieg Division, a group of accelerationist neo-Nazis with cells based in Estonia, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States.

Members of the Feuerkrieg Division have been arrested in recent months. In August, Conor Climo was charged with possession of guns and bombs, planning an attack against local Anti-Defamation League offices as well as a Las Vegas gay bar. In September, William Jarrett Smith was arrested after planning to burn down a home he believed belonged to I Don’t Speak German podcaster Daniel Harper, as well as distributing bomb-making materials to an undercover federal agent.

David Hansen, Neo-Nazi InfoSec Enthusiast in Arizona

Utah Antifascists and Savantifa exposed David Hansen, an antisemite, neo-Nazi, and self-described “fascist” in Arizona.

Hansen was a member of the Iron March forums, a site for neo-Nazis that birthed that Atomwaffen Division, that was shuttered in 2017.

On the forums, Hansen used the pseudonym xor and discussed esoteric fascism with other users.

Hansen is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Wild Attire, an online fashion store. Activists have asked that you call *67 714-537-0334 or email the company at [email protected] to inform them of Hansen’s views.

Russell Clark Horan, Proud Boy in Detroit, Michigan

Vigilant AFA exposed Russell Clark Horan as a member of the Proud Boys in Detroit, Michigan, this week.

Horan is a recent hire at St. Andrews Hall, a Detroit music venue.

If you wish to inform them of Horan’s membership in a hate group, you can call St. Andrews Hall at *67 313-961-8961 or tweet to them at @StAndrewsHall.

Thomas Adam Guba, Iron March Member in Baltimore, Maryland

Panic! in the Discord exposed Thomas Adam Guba, of Baltimore, Maryland, as a member of the neo-Nazi Iron March forum.

Guba used the pseudonym 22goy on the forum, where he introduced himself by saying, “My name is Tom, I am 31 years old and I currently live in the n*****, f*****, and k*** infested hole of Baltimore, Maryland.”

Guba served in the US Navy and is now employed as a global logistics specialist at Samuel Shapiro & Company, Inc.

You can contact his employer via their online contact form.

Keenan Ochoa, Proud Boy in Wichita Falls, Texas

Death Cab for Scooby exposed Proud Boy Keenan Ochoa, of Wichita Falls, Texas, this week.

Ochoa works at the Sprint store on Kemp Boulevard in Wichita Falls. You can contact his employer by calling *67 940-767-4300.


Antifascists Flyer Patriot Front Leader’s Neighborhood

Midtown Commons Residents Warned of Nazi Neighbor: Dustin Ray Hamby

Antifascists flyered the neighborhood of Dustin Ray Hamby this week, alerting his neighbors to the fact that he’s a Network Directing Officer of the neo-Nazi Patriot Front, and one of the key organizers of the deadly Unite the Right rally in 2017.

Hamby was recently fired from a sushi restaurant after activists made his bosses aware of his far-Right activities.

Berkeley Collective Safety Exposes College Republican Far-Right Ties

Berkeley Collective Safety released a Twitter thread documenting the far-right ties of the California Federation of College Republicans following white nationalist Nick Fuentes’ America First Political Action Conference.

They provided screenshots of Brian Felix, President of the University of California Irvine College Republicans, supporting Fuentes’ “America First” movement.

Additionally, the San Diego State College Republicans released a statement of support for Michelle Malkin, shortly after she was fired by Young Americans for Freedom for supporting Nick Fuentes’ open antisemitism.

Call to Action

Antifascists on Trial in Pittsboro After Being Attacked By White Supremacists

Antifascists are literally on trial in North Carolina after being attacked by white supremacists.

On November 16th, antifascists were attacked at a protest in Pittsboro, North Carolina, where members of several hate groups were protesting the removal of a Confederate statue.

Although eleven people were arrested that day, the state charged only antifascists of color with felonies. Activist Maya Little is currently on trial, facing three charges, including felony malicious conduct by a prisoner, for the crime of defending her community from the hate groups that descended on it.

She faces heavy legal fees stemming from the charges. If you can, please consider donating to the Take Action Chapel Hill legal fund, or you can donate to Little via the following methods.

Venmo: Maya-Little-1
CashApp: $matzohballgumbo

Solidarity to the North Carolina activists defending their communities!

Support Our Prisoners

  • Support Gage Halupowski! Currently serving a six year sentence. More info here.
  • Support David Campbell! Currently serving a year. More info here.
  • Support Eric King! Anarchist and antifascist prisoner who has been targeted by the State and neo-Nazi inmates for being ‘ANTIFA.’ More info here. Donate here.
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