Timeline of Disruptive Actions in the Borderlands


New zine collection from Plan A out of Arizona that chronicles autonomous actions of resistance along the border.

In light of the current calls for nationally coordinated autonomous actions to #BlockTheWall, we thought it might be useful to offer up this recently published timeline of direct actions in the state of Arizona over the last decade. While the initial intent of the piece was to help us here in a local context in our attempt to plot a trajectory of rebellion, the sheer volume of actions focused on attacking, disrupting, or interfering with the border regime might prove useful or inspiring to those now planning actions of their own.

While the timeline is not strictly limited to anti-border actions, it includes plenty that is relevant to the present call for mobilizations, like blockades of deportation infrastructure, lockdowns to stop court proceedings that send migrants to prison, disruptions at the system of internal Border Patrol checkpoints that stop all northbound motorists to inquire about citizenship status, middle of the night attacks on the offices of those who detain and deport for a living, and rowdy marches in response to Border Patrol violence.

Some of these actions are easily reproducible far from the US/Mexico border, while others are particular to border communities. Either way, we insist that the wall is meaningless without the broader infrastructure of detention and deportation that is diffused throughout the entire country. With a little research, we trust you can turn up a number of relevant targets in your town. Give em hell.


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