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May 7, 20

True Leap Press Presents Two New Zines from Recent Abolitionist Actions

True Leap Press presents two new zines from recent actions which were reported on It’s Going Down.

These two new zines from True Leap Press highlight the capacity of non-imprisoned abolitionists for direct action against the prison industrial complex and white supremacist carceral state. Both zines were originally articles published on It’s Going Down.

digital reading here:

printable version here: Vacant Migrant Child Jail Building Stormed In Chicago On May Day

The first zine, is entitled Taking Direct Action to #FreeThemAll: From Stateville Prison to the Front Yard of its Warden, anonymously authored.  The second embedded zine, is entitled #FreeHeartlandKids: Migrant Detention Facility Under Construction Stormed in Chicago on May Day.

Both zines are a contribution to the growing public discussion regarding the range of available tactics, the scale/scope of strategy, and the implications of “where” we imagine the sites and scenes of PIC abolition praxis to be.

digital reading here: From Cages of Prisons to the Front Yards of Wardens

printable version here: From Cages of Prisons to the Front Yards of Wardens

The two texts consider an increased emphasis on more antagonistic forms of disruption and agitation that can coincide with popular mass tendencies in the abolitionist movement, to reach concrete non-reformist objectives of getting as many people out as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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